“To educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate family(nation) “. This profound statement was made by one of the century’s greatest educators Dr. Kwegyir Aggrey who spoke emphatically concerning the positive impact of girl child education to the world.
He explicitly expressed than in reciprocity educated women produce succesful educated generation, this was affirmed when George Washington the first president of America said ” All I am I owe to my mother… I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her”.

Furthermore he elaborated saying ” once we know the value of education for men in society, we should allow women to have equal access to it.”
Therefore, the ethos of school must be based on the fact that both genders are equal and can achieve when the atmosphere is conducive.

One of the primary causes of girls not attending school is the difficulty in accessing affordable and convenient education. This implies formulating coherent policies and deploying pragmatic mechanisms that will ensure easily accessible and affordable education thus, making education free for girls or highly subsidised, providing them with stationary, libraries, computer and science laboratories.
Inasmuch ad making girl child education affordable, its convenience can not be overlooked. Many parents worry about their girls travelling long distances on their own to school as they are mostly victims of sexual violence. Society must pay attention to proximity of educational facilities to girls, giving everyone in the city or the hamlet a future full of hope.

Moreover, we have to sensitise the society on the positive effects that girl child education brings to the society. We must understand that, in places where girls are educated there is less record of girls victimised by the scourge of human trafficking, domestic violence and forced child marriages.
In addition, the family will be healthier with low rate of infant mortality and better nutrition. This is because they are equipped with requisite knowledge ranging from human rights to nutrition etc. All these enumerated above will result in healthy and intellectual population, translating into an efficient labor force with increased productivity. Subsequently we are assured of a buoyant economy.

Girls should be introduced to dominant and intellectual women who have excelled in their careers such as Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf, Folorunsho Alakija, Rapelang Rabana and Farida Badwei. It is incumbent to honor eminent women globally and locally who in return will become role models and mentors to girls. Their success and achievements will be etched in their minds thereby inculcating the necessity of education in girls. Girls will form the opinion that women of their community are achievers and worth emulating

A distorted educational view of depriving girls of education has become a conformation of Africa and is thus limiting our scope, since imbued in every girl is an inherent creativity and ingenuity, which ought to be explored to the maximum through education.
It is time for change!

  1. kwame kra says:

    This is one of the insightful and touching essays I’ve ever read. Because it encapsulates gender equality not only that but fusing it with education.

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