City is the place where every human’s activities plays like a tape but never pauses. The hub of all experiments, developments, productivity and creativity. The mix of culture, community, and science. The place that has always been a spotlight of a country. Therefore it always continues to be like that for centuries. It opens many opportunities each and everyday to people who are willing to find one. But what happens to people who doesn’t?, do they live their lives with no purpose? Do they still have a chance to take the opportunities again?.


City is held by the national government who manage, maintain and oversee all economic developments , politic declarations and infrastructure of the city. The government constantly keep maintance of all the crucial things inside the city. Therefore it generates a well developed city. but not all cities have the same reality. A well developed city commonly exist inside a developed country. A developed country has an advanced way in constructing the management of the city. They are more vibrant on knowing new things to make their city sustainable, safe and flexible. They always take new opportunities to make their city adequate and safe. And who are they?. Is it the government? the city helder?. No they aren’t , they are the people who take opportunities, the people who bare responsibilities, the people who cares about the place they live in, the city. They are the citizens.


The government is indeed the boss of the city, but the citizens also have a crucial position of developing a good city. If the citizens aren’t supporting the city’s goals, it has a high percentage that the development of the city will decrease. Citizens are the people who lives,works,and spend their lives in the city. They populate the city most. Therefore, citizens have a big role for the city’s development. If the citizens are well educated and active, the city will grow fast in many ways. Well educated people has an open minded way of thinking, they don’t focus on the problem but they are focused on how to solve the problem. Example, in developing countries, public transportation are commonly inadequate. One of the reasons is the citizens doesn’t use it and doesn’t maintain it well. Since the public transportation is inadequate , people will avoid using them. And, it will cause such as consegtion. But if the citizens are well educated they will try to maintain it well and enagage people to care about theae facilities. Since the facilities purpose is for making the citizens easy to transport from a place to another place. Also from maintaining it, people will feel safe and comfortable using the public transportation.


About opportunities, opportunities are a very important thing. Opportunities helps people increase many factors in their lives. It helps people to live a more prosperous life. And by that, a city have to create more opportunities for their citizens, such as opening variant jobs by building a company. And by building a company, the city will have more global connections to other cities or countries. The impact of it is very positive and helpful. It all connect’s one another just like a chain reaction. And it all starts from people who took and make opportunities.


To engage people to take and make opportunities requires a lot of factors. There are many ways to open peoples eyes and make them see opportunities and willing to get them. Yes, the Government can do a lot to encourage and facilitate citizens involvement, but we need many community institutions to be involved, from schools and neighborhood associations to youth groups and foundations. People are more affected if they’re involve in groups or coorporations that contains people with the same standard. Example, a teenager gave up on her life because she lost her parents during an accident, she turns into a passive girl and not willing to involve in any matters. To make her change , she need a person who has the same standard as her, same age. It will be more effective then with a person with higher standards.


The conclusion is developing a good,safe and sustainable city requires a good citizens. Cities get much better as they create more citizens. More citizens means more opportunities. More opportunities produce a rapid growing city. And for creating a well educated and active citizens , we can involve them to contribute and take part of communities,corporations and groups. By that each one another can effect themselves and turn into an active citizens gradually. Therefore education are very crucial on creating well educated citizens. Good citizens generates a good city.


by: Victoria chelsea 

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