Poverty has been plaguing our people for hundreds of years, from the youngest child to the oldest senior. To any ethnicity, country or heritage. Poverty exists in all countries of our globe, obviously, it is more noticeable in third world countries. But in the year of 2015, there were 14.5 people under the age of eighteen living in poverty in America. The number of seniors living in poverty  4.2 million, The national rate for America was a total of 43.1 million people living in poverty. For global statistics, 80% of all people in this world live on less than $10 a day.  A country funds many different departments and needs of their country through taxes. The idea I am proposing is that we create a tax on shopping. The taxes would be created for if you are buying clothes, services, electronics, etc. The tax would be a set number no matter what. The idea is that if you buy expensive products than the tax will also benefit more and for the cheaper stuff it would be a smaller gain. There are around 7.5 billion people in the world as of 2017 so if the tax becomes international to all countries the world would be able to pool the resources and spend the tax created to help all in poverty. The beginning would be a small amount of money that would be quickly growing but also spent in large quantities. The main amount of money would be focused on the countries with the most poverty and slowly the country would build up and eventually become stable which in the end would return more money back to the tax. The tax would help pay for public education, ways to create/find fresh water and would also pay for agriculture. The idea behind this is that water in a need that cannot be farmed and is in huge need, for the food it would be grown and become reliable in the long run as well as growing food for now and lastly, is education. With the knowledge, the country would become more stable. With these three main (but not all) different areas worked on it would essentially create a stronger and more stable economic country. For the medical side of this tax, In commonwealth countries, it would help pay for healthcare that is for health, not aesthetics which mean that medical altering care like plastic surgery, etc would be excluded. Because many countries have free health care or programs that mean that less money would have to be focused on medical help in the commonwealth countries with the universal health care and be more focused countries with little or no health care. The tax would have to be set at a solid number all around the globe which means that it can not be too high for countries that are struggling but not too low for the commonwealth countries.  The reason why it has to be set the same for all countries is because one country putting in billions of dollars while others put in a few million with ease would most likely create tension and destroy the tax, so if the tax, for example, is 5% then all countries would be putting in a solid amount of revenue. The revenue from countries will differ on their economic state but will still be more beneficial than a country putting in 1%. Because this is a tax all consumers would have to participate to live a luxurious life. The tax would eventually be part of the norm and become accepted in countries and because it is helping build up the world and the participating countries have the tax it would help create more alliances and encourage peace. With peace in place, there will be no war-torn countries all over the world and the only extreme cases for huge amounts of money spent would be for the aftermath of natural disasters. If a country is found guilty for not paying for their whole amount of the global tax, the leader would receive a personal criminal record with consequences but also the country would be fined and have a raised amount of money to be put in the tax for years to come. If there is a resistance such as a dictator refusing to allow the tax to enter their country either to help their people or for the people to pay, |Than the tax would help the people flee the country and settle down in a safe, stable country so that future generations thrive and keep the world a safe growing place.

Poverty has killed millions from all over our world from the streets of commonwealth countries to millions from third world countries. But with hard work and strategic planning we the people can change the world for all.

  • FeedingAmerica.Org
  • GlobalIssues.Com
  • WorldoMeters.Com

-Micheal Pampiglione


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