When searching ‘poverty’ on Google, news also mentions ‘the extreme poverty of USA’ that means poverty is defined as the lack of possessions in human’s life. Poverty is not only the poorness, but it is also known as poor spirits. This is a big issue in the world and argued strongly by the public.

Everyone knows that poverty is very popular in all over the world. Although the economy of the world is developed every day, there is still a lot of miserable people. So “What are you doing, Mr.Government?”. On street, people can see beggars, homeless people who have nowhere to live. Many children have to earn money by lying people instead of going to school. Destitution exists everywhere and seems not disappear, but you and your institution still attend to take care your “money pocket” and enjoy your daily life. This problem prevents a country from developing its economy.

On the other hand, poverty is just not the lack of metals life. More ambiguously and dangerously, it is the poverty of spirit. Poor life exists everywhere, and people don’t know when it ends. The reason why they are miserable because not only of the social factors but also of the inside elements of people. Usual thinking of this kind of people is depending on the aid of government even though they have the ability to find a job. This dependence makes a serious cause to the country and the society. The dependent also has two situations: one group waits for the support of the government and the remaining one think about the fastest way to earn money or possession: become a robber, thief, or dangerous offender. The behaviors lead to disadvantages of countries: the peace is affected, the society is unstable. That is the poverty, which is more serious. A nightmare covers the world: every year, the authority provides the poor a lot of aid; however, they still lack money and wait to the next year to receive provision. So a question is asked: ” Why do they also give us money instead of giving us the skill to earn living by ourselves?”. Actually, the mistake is not caused only by the poor, but also by the tyranny. This way they support the poor, likewise, is so harmful, like the obscurantism which French executed in Vietnam in the late 19th century. Poverty needs to be eliminated, the poor need to get out from the misery. That is the reason poor people need a light to help them get out of the darkness of laziness. Therefore, it is the undertaking of government.

Besides that, the poverty is known as the poor of knowledge. The ignorance is always scorned in the world which develops strongly every day. It prevents people from perceiving many modern inventions and achievements. If they do not improve their profound understanding, they will become out of date with the mankind. People have difficulty in making money and maintaining their life. It is one of the reasons why there is still a lot of poor people in the world. Lacking knowledge makes them feel scared of everything which they do not know or witness. As a result, they cannot arise and stay remain forever with the misery. The government should not lethargic with this problem. Not only give them aid, but the authority also have to ask themselves: How to improve the poor by encouraging them to go on their own way and their own ability? Why don’t they organize free classes which people can learn some skills to create their own small business or to find a stable in the company? When they have a job that means they can earn money, the poor have to refund a part of their income to the government.

Poverty is a big enemy of mankind: it’s not only lacking possessions but also the spirit to motivate life to become better. Therefore, people need to struggle with it until it ends. Getting rid of poverty, both metal and spirit, is an urge undertaking of government and residents, also; because if the poverty still exists, the society and economy are still unstable and raise many problems to people’s life. Money is a tool for people to live, but the way they live and improve themselves depends on how they think and learn.

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