“How does it feel to kill a man?”

It might sound crazy but I know that feeling really well. It accompanies me every single day, when I wake up, eat, even when I sleep. So how is it? It’s going to sound wretchedly once again but I have to admit that killing is very convenient. It feels like reading the morning newspaper and sipping coffee – relaxing. But did I really have to answer that question on my own? Actually, I could ask you to answer it.

Hello killer! Are you surprised? You may think – “I’ve never killed anyone, what is that guy talking about?” The reality is different – you are right, you didn’t kill anyone with your own hands but is it the only way to kill someone? Sometimes we are not perceptive enough to spot what is happening around us. Today’s world requires people to read between the lines and to know the things that are difficult to discover. The 21st century openly and unceremoniously hits us in the face with its complexity. Faced with this situation, we are forced to abandon the old devices of perception and create the new way of understanding and solving the problems.

Because of the lack of humility, ignorance and egocentricity we do not notice what is happening beyond our comfort zone. Being focused on pedestrian wants, we become blind for the serious issues. That is the moment when you begin to understand what I have meant calling us murderers. Each year thousands of civilians die in war killed by bullets, land mines, hunger and the lack of our protest which is synonymous with our permission for killing. The fact it doesn’t happen here, doesn’t mean it does not happen at all.  Being passive makes us guilty. That is the way we become murderers not even realizing so.

The awareness that the problem did appear is the first step to its solution, but before we’ll proceed that, we need to know what the problem’s cause is. In 2005 Steve Jobs said: ”You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards”. Even though sinking the past might be hard and time-consuming, it’s doubtless that it’s going to be more efficient then trying to predict the future without any logical base. So, why not to give it a try? It may seem to be an absurdity, but I will try to unmask the entire evil of the word by considering the last few decades. First one will be the World War II when the one guy with a characteristic mustache was trying to kill the half of the European population just because he was convinced about his superiority and greed. Next one is the conflict between India and Pakistan, situation is a little bit different here because it was not all about a human individual but about religious differences. The third example is Libya where the people were starving to death while the Libyan dictator was chilling in his jacuzzi and drinking the most expensive champagne. Nowadays we struggle with ISIS extremists, I know that staying behind your rights is important but don’t you guys think that killing innocent people at a Christmas market is too much?  There is some kind of similarity between given examples, few elements are repeating in every story. Ignorance, egocentricity and greed. But does it mean that we are back at square one?  No, we are not, because now we know the ins and outs of the problem and we are finally ready to find the solution.


So how to save the world and establish the peace and justice? Considering the fact that the main reason of conflicts is a specific group of human features we need to figure out how to eliminate them. I claim that the most effective method of fighting them is a simple rule that I’ve called “the principle of opposite”. It’s really universal and might be used in any sector of our life. Let me show you the explanation. Firefighters extinguish the fire with water, when we are cold we drink a warm tee, when we are overworked we get sleepy – it’s a natural response of our organism and it lets us to keep the balance. Using this method we can also fight the mentioned features as ignorance which is the main reason of religious conflicts. Well educated society wouldn’t kill in behalf of their faith. They would be able to distinguish religious and secular values. We can fight egocentricity with kindness and empathy. Single person cannot influence the egocentric political regime but thousands of people can! The only difficulty  is to start, to be that first person who has enough courage to make a difference. People have to break the vicious circle of the helplessness. There are many ways to fix the world, many paths that we can follow but all of those paths start in the same place – in our mind and conscience. If you want to make the world better, start from changing your attitude. That’s literally what I did – I started from myself. I didn’t realize how egocentric person I was until I joined the Water Volunteer Rescue Service. It didn’t change the world but it definitely changed me and gave me a chance to make a difference to someone’s life.

It doesn’t matter how you help, it doesn’t matter if you save someone’s life rescuing them from drowning or just give 5$ to a homeless person. The matter is that you are not indifferent to other people’s fate. The worst thing to do being aware of the problem is to ignore it. Stay ready, stay willing, stay human. Thank you.


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  1. Jarek ruch says:

    Dalej tego sosu dzieciak

    • Bobs says:

      Tem gente que nem carro tem, sei lá, nem carteira ainda pode tirar (deve ter uns 12 aninhos) e aparece só para crcniiar.Cotheço gente com camaro, porsche e ferrari que não zoa dos outros como alguns aqui.

  2. David says:

    Wow, really good essay.

    • Zeal says:

      my friend and i saw you at the top of hope pass yeyadrets…you certainly didn't look like you were in trouble! i wish i'd known, my pack was full of food! we saw you in the coffee shop later and wondered how you'd got there so fast. I love reading your blog, this will be our first Leadville attempt…i wish you the very best on race day!

  3. Andrzej Duda says:

    yeah yeah i see great potential in you young man, now its the moment in which u r being invited to my new year’s eve party, well done buddy

  4. Ana says:

    Great analysis on on a global issue. ????????

    • Leaidan says:

      Contente de découvrir ces nouvelles pages, on les attendait toutes avec imceaienpt! J’ai un faible pour celle de ta soeur, ce qui n’enlève rien au charme des autres! Bises ;o)

  5. Doan says:

    🙂 this essay is really practical

  6. Sneha Rai says:

    Good job!!

  7. Linh lê says:

    Hay lắm! Rất sâu sắc

  8. Komal lohana says:

    Highly appreciated work, great thought and well explained. Inspiring , keep it up ????????????????

    • Addriene says:

      ah, cats! they can charm us like no other animal can. i used to have two beautiful cats (named shoyu and bijou), and not a day goes by that i don't miss them even though they can be so demanding. as my friend says, when you have cats, you are relagated to the role of &qoot;huuse staff" in your very own home.

  9. Clodagh says:

    Really amazing????????????????

    • Gloriane says:

      Hi Biz, the blonde higlights and makeup suit you well! I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow and I bought some Fr&8na#k217;s Hot for my sister to try. And congrats on the new theme.

  10. Derica says:

    Very well written for a very good prompt.

    • Kaed says:

      . “The picture emerging here is that some of the flotilla participants clearly intend a violent clash.”i urge everyone to run thehaaretz’s hebrew text thru google translate. there’s gotta be a reason why they are publishing this stuff only in hebrew. crazy stuff.and here’s (hebrew, na)&ftc#8220;Inhormation received by the IDF finds: a lethal acid flotilla of ships“un f’ing real.

  11. Aisyah kurniawati says:

    Good analysis, so proud????????

  12. Jasmin says:

    Very impressive. Thanks you helped alot keep it up ????

  13. Narottam Choubey says:

    Good thinkers. well ????

  14. Masooma says:

    Inspiring ????

  15. Yanelly says:

    I really enjoyed reading your essay, and how you used examples based off reality. Great work, keep it up.

  16. Mu-een Khan says:

    Great work….a real prizewinner!????????

  17. Tselmeg says:

    Nice. So glad when i was reading this. So impressed. No word to describe.

  18. Ryedonna Epin says:

    Great essay… It open our eye to every aspect

  19. Ria Tyagi says:

    its awesome!!!!!
    keep it up:)

  20. Jamila says:

    Good essay

  21. Abdullah Mohammed says:

    Your essay gave me inspiration to help many people as possible. Its true we think giving away money to a homeless person is a loss but its not. The happiness and joy you get from doing that is unreplaceable. Great job Stanislaw. We need more people like you. Keep up the great work. Your an inspiration to all humans out there! 😉

    • Buckie says:

      Very nice, explosive cyst with good camera work. My beiuaacitn is a popper like us, and I can assure you that if I ever had something like that, she would be more than happy to get rid of it. Thanks for posting!

  22. Reynald says:

    Very good analysis, great work (y)

    • Sharleena says:

      best left to individual states so it can be better tailored to the needs of the people it will most afenOt.ch.Kifda like Romney’s winning argument on Obamacare.Man, that really moved a lot of VMGs into the Romney column.

  23. Nena says:

    Values which you are writing I carried out from my home . I remember many times when I was still a kid … my mother buying dinners for poor man. Sharing , food, clothes. Supporting foreign … and so it is today. I teach my children, respect for others, their distinctness. I am glad that young man like you is able to see the real human values.

  24. Efia says:

    Wow…Very true
    Thanks for bringing us to realise this.

    • Arry says:

      d2I found your words honest and helrafett and I thank you for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us. I had goose bumps the entire time I read your blog. Your words were quite adequate. Thank you. xoxo21

  25. Paola says:

    Great essay!!

  26. Tsary says:

    Wow such a perspective????????
    Indeed as a young generation it’s our time to shout out all our voice to the world

  27. Chaima haij says:

    Amazing essay

  28. kamalia syasya says:

    first of all, when I read the title of this essay, it gave me chills and interested to read its contents. you use a very drastic sentences that made me want to know the full story. You also have done a good analysing on global issues and relate it with your essay. This essay can bring awareness and inspire the reader. Good masterpiece ???? keep it up ????

    • Kerriann says:

      Todella kaunista . Juuri tuollaisen tunteen olen myös kokenut onneksi erään ihmisen kanssa juuri tänä vuonna. Olen onnellinen siitä että sain kokea sen . Sanoit hyvin sen ettei voi selittää tunnetta, se on vaan koettava itse. Kirjoitit todella hyvin tuntemuksesi. Toivottavasti moni löytää samanlaisen tunteen kumppaninsa kanssa . Olit aivan oikeassa Rakkkaus toiseen on heespnnelastugta todella siinä pelastuu molemmmat auttaja ja pelastettava.

  29. Sebabatso Madibu says:

    Really good essay. Great Insight on the subject and the addition of your amazing and very practical solutions, really reflect the amount of care you have placed in your thinking process.

  30. Marta says:

    Verry good! Verry mature!

  31. Beyonce says:

    Har blitt veldig fint 🙂 Var koselig før ogsÃ¥, men lunere og finere nÃa¥sP.s.et veldig godt med fargen pÃ¥ veggen.. Likte den.Ha en topp kveld.

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