How Does Social Class Affect the Quality of your Education?

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela). Sometimes, we, students do not appreciate the importance of school in our daily life, complaining about long hours dedicated to homework and studying. What we do not realize is that education is the key to success and with it we can achieve our aims, become a better person, prove what we are capable of, and turn our dreams into reality. But, what about those who can’t afford a proper education?

In my country, Ecuador, there is a noticeable difference between private and public schools. Factors like the teachers, student’s performance, and even the buildings, affect in some way the quality of education, giving more opportunities to those who belong to the higher social and economic class.

To begin with, the division between social classes has got to be the principal impact on student’s performance and behavior at school. In Ecuador, students that belong to the lower socioeconomic class attend to public schools, getting the idea that their education is less advanced than the education that higher class students receive.  This will reduce their motivation, and even start to question themselves if they will ever be good enough, which will lead to the lack of effort put in every homework and lesson. Once I heard that some public schools in my country were replacing important subjects like science or history into swing classes, and this way preparing them for their future jobs. How would you feel if your future is being limited? How can these students be motivated if their dream jobs and goals are being crushed? On the contrary, private schools give the students all the opportunities they can offer in order to ensure that every single student will succeed and achieve their goals, their motivation will grow. School will become one of the most important phases in their lives, and the majority of motivated students will dedicate their time and effort for an excellent grade.

 Secondly, teachers at public schools are not fully prepared to educate young people. Big quantities of them are not professionals and some specific titles are not demanded like they are in private schools. As consequence of having unprepared teachers at public schools, there will be unprepared students. How could they keep studying and practicing if their teacher does not demand their effort? Nevertheless, teachers in private schools get to have more requirements to work in these schools. For example, they have to, previously, get interviews, pass selective processes, demonstrate they have a proper knowledge of the subject or second language, and dominate skills.  Then, they are prepared to teach, being trusted to build up the future of our society. It is important for teachers at private and public schools to be equally educated and disciplined in order to improve the country’s education and for every student to have the same learning opportunities.                   

  Believe it or not, infrastructures of schools do affect the performance of students. In my country, during winter, it rains a lot and the rural areas usually flood, obstructing transportation and the daily life. As a result, many students cannot get to their schools walking, and even if they get on a car, their schools may be flooded as well and sometimes destroyed, causing classes to be cancelled. This affects the students because they cannot end or complete their studies satisfactorily. Besides this, public schools do not count on modern facilities or technologies like a chemistry or computer laboratories, where they could experience and put into practice their learning, facilitating education. On the other hand, Private schools are not affected because of the weather and the students are able to carry the school schedule as planned. Its infrastructures and facilities are adequate and safe, providing them to carry out experiments and projects that further education by visualizing their learning.

I believe every single student deserves the same opportunities, no matter how much money they have or where they were born. In spite of everything, we are the future; we will be the ones who will contribute to society.  This difference must come to an end so everyone can achieve their goals, make their dreams a reality and be happy; it is our choice to make it happen.

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  1. Muhammad Renaldi Pratama says:

    Nice Essay ???????????????? . Awesome Explanation ????????????????????????????????

  2. Dilshan Marasinghe says:

    Wow Bianca!!! This essay is magnificent!! You added in tons of great information about the topic which made it feel strong and I did not spot any grammatical mistakes which is definitely a good thing! YOU are just as amazing as this essay Bianca, great work 🙂

  3. Jelena says:

    Great essay! Totally agree!

  4. Biancapareja says:

    3rd paragraph, line 4: i meant sewing* classes

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