Believe it or not, we are nothing without education. This world is nothing without educated people. BY really focusing on the term ‘education’, we will talk about how Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) are doing for the education of our new generations. This the essay for the competition of CSR Match $1000.

“ Education is important for every one of us to truly help our nations through it. ” -Sahibah Syed

Education should be compulsory for every boy and girl in this world. Without education, we cannot put our next step in the world of success. Reading should be common and gaining knowledge about what is happening on our planet also educate you in some way. Knowledge does not lie only in books but also newspapers, programs, experiments, thinking, creating, sharing, listening, watching news etc. We should not limit ourselves to our own small circle.

Go out and explore the world. Getting out of your comfort zone might be the best idea to do something that will not only benefit you but also other people who are living and breathing.

Education is must in everything. To understand a person, education is a must. To teach a person, education is a must. To, even learn from a person, education is a must. This world is living and breathing in two things: Time and Education. A person should not waste his/her time and nor should he/she hides educations and avoid teaching it to others. What is the purpose of getting the education if you are not teaching it?

As Advocacy Director Kolleen Bouchane said: “Education has a unique power to catalyze gains in other areas. Very few, if any, health or economic interventions will be sustainable without gains in education.” That is so true in so many ways.

SDG’s the new agenda to end poverty, promote prosperity and help people’s well-being – while protecting the planet – by the year 2030.

 “ Education makes thinks possible from impossible. ” -Sahibah Syed

SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) have 17 total goals in which one of its goals is to provide quality education to children’s (who are deprived of education because of poverty and other issues). Their goals have 10 separate targets. Their first and foremost target is to ensure free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education to all boys and girls. The other nine targets include giving equal access to education girls/boys, vulnerable children and those with disabilities. { Kolleen added: “With a greater number of targets and goals and with those that are hardest to reach still consistently left behind, more pressure on leaders to keep these promises will be essential.” }

So far, SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) have accomplished many of their goals. Along with this, they also have to face some challenges because this is not something that just happens. A lot of hard work, dedication and efforts are needed to accomplish their goals.

Challenges like providing quality education to students but still there are millions of children still deprived of their rights of getting an education and this will be improved as I believe. Education plays an important role in building a character of a person and also as a means of living (earning).

“ Nothing holds much power as education, in this world. ” -Sahibah Syed

Some countries like Angola, Gambia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Central African Republic, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger have worst educational systems but there is always someone who is working for the future of our youths and also for the better of educational systems. There is no doubt that if we keep working, soon the world will improve a lot in the matter of education in the years to come.

Our duty as a citizen is to teach at our community, our youngsters for they are the future of the world. If you want poverty to end, inequality to become equality, injustice to become justice, providing good health to those who are suffering from dangerous diseases, climate action, peace, for protecting precious living creatures that lives under the seas, and mostly about changing the world then teach the new generations. Teach their mind that they can really change the world by using their power and intellect abilities.

Teach your children’s and also those who are around. You never know how your sharing of your knowledge can change someone’s life.

I am a writer, photographer, thinker and a student. I have so many passions and dreams to achieve. My main goal is to inspire people to do something meaningful with their lives. To find their passion. Travelling and learning are my two best friends. Soon be an entrepreneur and also a motivational speaker ?

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    You are an amazing writer 🙂 Hope to read your more essays too!

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    Such beautiful sayings <3

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    Love your way of thinking. People like will change the world ?

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    Such a beautiful read! You’re an amazing writer!

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