The best of human beings is the human being that is useful to others. That is a quote we often hear. In the narrow sense that good people are human beings that are useful to others. Then all we have to ask ourselves is whether we become human beings that benefit others? Which makes others better because of us? If not, it’s time to fix.

As we have seen that all human beings on earth are social beings. Which means mutual need between each other. “I need you guys and you need me, I can not be without you guys, and you can not be without me”. Because humans are essentially individuals who are responsible for intellectual and social behavior that can direct themselves to positive goals, able to control themselves in determining their own destiny. We can not grow as we want if we live without mingling with the environment. Because in this case we must be able to synchronize our thoughts with the minds of others.

In this life, so many things from the smallest to the magic we become useful. Examples of small courses ranging from brainstorming or sharing alone we’ve shared knowledge with others, because sweet as sweet or bitter-bitter events we’ve ever experienced there are others who are sweeter or bitter again. Because life is like a rotating wheel that alternates from top to bottom and from bottom to top. This is where we socialize, share our personalities with each other, talk to each other for the common good, share and complement what is lacking in others.

By remembering the goodness of others, also forgetting our kindness, always thinking positive, having good intentions, can give good idea and help realize the aspirations of the society, we also have positive value in building a good social life, and of course can not be separated from the knowledge we have

If we lead a truly social life, then the environment becomes a role model for the surrounding community. If the environment is good, then it is also the people around it, and quite the opposite. We are arrogant, indifferent or apathetic, selfish just want to win alone or more generally not 5S (say greetings, smiles, greetings, polite, and polite), then the environment becomes damaged, every human being a scourge for other human beings. creature.

The saying goes “with the science of life made easy, with the art of living beautifully, and with the faith of life directed”. Have a soul like this. Correcting yourself for the better of course all desires. Always be optimistic, be consistent, be realistic, share, and keep trying, God willing, all will be achieved. Let us also contribute to realizing a truly quality society. This is not a problem starting from the smallest, remember, a little to the hill.

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  1. Bijen Chaudhary says:

    A very good thought ????????
    We can’t leave without each other because we are social being ..
    I loved it …..????

  2. Shella Mae Nocete says:

    Nice ????

  3. Theara says:

    Not bad, a little bit mistake, it’s doesn’t matter.

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    Great paragraph

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    So creative..
    And well said.
    Keep it up

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  10. Bijen Chaudhary says:

    Well done ????????
    Good thoughts ????????

  11. Bijen Chaudhary says:

    Well done ????????

  12. Marta Natalia Putri says:

    Very nice essay talk about social beings????

  13. Marta Natalia Putri says:

    Nice essay talk about social beings????

  14. Kharisma Nur Fadhilla says:

    Perfect essay I love it????

  15. Dhiraj says:

    Good one

  16. Anunobi Chioma says:

    Nice, its really important for individual beings to realize how important their positive attitude towards others goes a long way in the social world thus making the world a better place. Good essay ????????????

  17. Adedoyin says:

    Its a nice essay

  18. Sna Toch says:

    This is perfect essay. I love it

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  20. SnaToch says:

    Perfect essay. I love it so much

  21. Arya Ojha says:

    Nice. ????

  22. Bini Maharjan says:

    Really a good one ????????????

  23. Siska herlita says:

    This essay very Interesting????. All about help each other in social beings❤ Perfect

  24. Amuche Azuokwu says:

    I love it. It’s inspiring

  25. Sri Hasanah says:

    Omg Ana your essay is really nice????

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  27. Jihan says:

    Your essay is really good keep it up ????????

  28. Eufilha Alfonso says:

    it is perfect essay for me

  29. Ivena says:

    Social beings????

  30. Rinchen says:

    Nice…. Keep it up

  31. Yogesh Sharma says:

    Lovely , its different
    All the best ????

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