Humanity – a thing that has strayed so far from what it’s supposed to be.  We, the human beings, have lost the word human and are only being, have brought war and terror into this world, and the hate we give towards ourselves, one another, has taken love’s place. Have we really strayed so far? Instead of going forward our actions are leading us to extinction.  But there isn’t much that an individual can do, but it would be a big step to take a first step.

      The way one could bring peace into the world would be finding peace in themselves. Acceptance of who one really is – just a living, breathing creature with a body and a soul walking upon this very ground we all share, and with that acceptance one could understand what differs  from themselves . The understanding  of  diversity present in the world.  A person could look at a hundred different flowers  and find some of them which stand out –either ugly or pretty, but they  would still look and accept them all as nothing more than just flowers. So why is it so hard for a person to accept another person?  The clarity of what seven billion people could do united together is far beyond borders. Instead of dropping bombs we would be planting seeds in those certain places. Instead of wanting and aiming for what we do not need we could be growing those seeds to feed each other  and grow the love needed to provide each other. Instead of judging on what someone is missing one could help them by filling in their empty holes. Building a world in which the biggest trade market would be trading with the soul. With that acceptance we would  all live as one for we would see the world beyond – as what matters, instead of seeing it as what it is. Serving justice will not be needed, for there would be justice for all, and it will not happen, not unless we make it.  One could wake up satisfied by soul if they woke up with the power to love instead of the love for power, as said. Because how could the world know peace when one human being  sees themselves as more powerful than the other? So be kind, give what you don’t need to those who do, for they need it most. What you give could not always be material because some people need the care and kindness they never got. Sometimes even the most evil  person could need it, for they have never been given a piece of love to mend their soul or seen an act of kindness to live by. Soldiers, start the day with dropping the gun instead of shooting the bullet. Start with offering a helping hand instead of a shot in the head.  Stop serving your country and start with serving mankind. Begin building a future by not destroying it. It all starts with the act and change of heart of one individual for an army to follow. So let’s all join the army that leads towards peace and not the army that leads towards war. Let’s walk on a field of flowers and not on a battlefield. Let’s live with the difference in each other and delete the hate and every thought that leads to harm. Let’s hope and wait for tomorrow and not be afraid of what it may bring. Even better, let’s build it together to smile and not cry while the sunlight brightly gleams upon the home that we’re creating so that we will be glad we did it one day.

       The result depends on us. Whether peace will be brought depends on whether we come to the senses of our minds and fight to be humans, not to just be. Fight to stray back into the lane we strayed so far from.  Walk the path that will lead us to cooperation, and not the one that will tear us apart. Fight and push ourselves to be and to do the best we can for us and for everyone else. Only then the world will know peace and justice will be laid upon us equally. Only then humanity will have its comeback.

16 year old from Macedonia ????

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