Personally, I find that shameful. It is no secret that the source of it is evidently the outdated mindsets and beliefs that refuse to leave us. We can detect hints and traces of this calamity throughout all and any establishment. From adults, down to adolescents at the dawn of their lives.

The basis of it differentiates according to circumstances. Women, in some regions around the world, remain victims to office inequality. They are seen as inferiors. Capable of nothing. Bound to let the male, the Alpha, handle the tough work. It is clear when they are not only consistently paid less than men, but also disrespectfully criticized when they -god forbid- dare to outsmart them. “The Battle Of The Sexes” continues to exist when men make it a point to prove themselves competent more insistently when it’s against a woman, than it is against a fellow man. For some reason, it was embedded within their testosterone since the beginning of time, that it is somehow their sacred duty to their sex, to never allow a woman to intimidate them. And if that were to happen, then it would be a disaster. And therefore, they must do whatever it takes to take back the crown and assist their wounded ego.

Inequality hits alarming degrees when to prove their dominance, their ability to take what they want, and then shamelessly attempt to justify it, men turn to abuse. Sexual harassment is unfortunately very common, especially in corporates around the world. Women are deemed as powerless, and are constantly discredited when they’ve gathered the courage to speak up. It’s easy to be condescending when one’s been showered with privilege throughout their entire life.

That being said, inequality does also affect men. Sadly, with every cup filled with progress, there is that ounce of poison, declaring us unworthy. There are women out there, who have taken it upon themselves to misinterpret the meaning of Feminism, and use their incorrect version as ammunition to dishearten men, bully and harass them, cripple them, wrongly accuse them, and verbally and/or physically assault them over zero valid grounds.

These women use what should be legitimate courage against actual oppression, as a free pass; and to what? Feminism isn’t a label. It isn’t a trend that you should feel the need to follow so that you can prove you’re cool and “hip” and “up-to-date”.

If you cared, you would have educated yourself on the topic, and learned that being a Feminist means a person who believes in establishing political, economic, personal, intellectual, and social equality of sexes. Not an impulsive child seeking validation by stamping a mere label on their forehead and claiming it.

Moreover, inequality shows its ugly façade when boys are almost never bothered, but our young girls cannot dress according to their liking, to the weather… because they’ll then form a walking distraction to male teachers and fellow male students.

This isn’t made up nor fiction. There’re legitimate cases of this around the world. If you hire teachers whose ability to teach will be affected, who will be tempted by young teenagers exposing their shoulders, and make excuses for them, enable their sickness… then not only have you hired pedophiles who should be questioned and not allowed nowhere near kids, but you are also utterly oblivious and should not be in charge of an educational establishment.

In an alternate situation, it is also quite offensive to male students and teachers, to make the assumption that they are some sort of drooling, animalistic beings with no self-control at the sight of a pair of legs.

And then, there is the unspeakable and absolutely deplorable people, who are fully aware and “educated”, but find all of this absurd and ridiculous, and believe that the “natural balance” of things is men taking care of women. They are the same set of people who find it amusing and laughable when a man cries and is in touch with his emotional side, or when a man practices what is seen as “girly” activities. They are also the same immature people who‘re convinced that “attractive” means pretty and thin, waxed and an appropriate height. Who are appalled at the sight of a thick woman confidently posing for a photoshoot, or a gorgeous athletic woman showing off her abs and muscles on the beach, because it isn’t attractive to resemble men.

To you I say, she isn’t doing it to resemble men, she’s doing it because she is proud, confident, and more powerful than you could ever dream to be. She has a purpose that makes her happy and comfortable within her skin. Unlike yourself, who gets pleasure out of degrading people, thinking they’re on display, desperately anticipating your uncalled-for criticism, who are in fact out there being genuinely themselves.

It’s never okay to justify mindlessly and stereotypically passing judgement based on a person’s gender, and attempt to justify it as “free speech”. That’s not free speech, I assure you. That is being cruel and self-righteous for no apparent reason, other than revel in the temporary glory of thinking you’re better.

Equality between the sexes is difficult to come by when some of the individuals “fighting” for it, aren’t completely dedicated to the cause, and are only pretending to preserve a certain public image. Which I find horrifyingly unacceptable. The very idea of inequality completely contradicts any and all sorts of common sense.

All things considered, we definitely need genuine people, who are willing to go above and beyond for the issue and make an actual change.

In closing, I’d like to leave this reminder. We are on top of the food chain, called “the dominant species” not as only men, or as solely women. But as Humans. Beyond all stereotypes and labels… we are all eventually Human. Be kind to one another on those grounds.

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  1. Abdelmalek Hadji says:

    A very nice piece of writing Shaima. Once again you’re showing that your mind is your best weapon.
    Keep up your good work

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