Bread with butter, potato, pasta. These are the most common dishes for more than 200 000 children in Hungary. 50 000 kids even have no idea what they will eat today. They are literally starving, because they have to content themselves with the meals they get in school.

 While the politicians argue about what they have already done and they will do to reduce the number of starving children, they forget to mention that the 16.6% of the Hungarian population (1.7 million people) live in poverty, as their salary is less than 78 000 forints. It means less than 256 euros. It must be remembered that 34 out of every 100 poverty-stricken people are under the age of 18.

Under these circumstances, it is the easiest solution to say that the poor is responsible for their poorness. Or in this case the parents are blamed for this situation. It happens that they budget the money badly, but sometimes toys and presents also  has to be boughten. Specifically in these families the kids are the first. If someone eats, drinks or gets a little surprise gift is certainly the child, second is the father and after the mother. But the family is not starving if the child is not starving and be honest 92 euros for 30 days is just simply not enough.

„This issue now is at least as bad as after the II. World War. It is a shame that every third child gets born into misery. But the biggest problem is that they are doomed not to rise from this situation”

 At this point I think my question is obvious: What to do?

The key point is that the donation is not enough. That little percentage of the society who is still willing to help cannot handle this crisis situation anymore.

The answer is in the hands of the government. Almost 2 million people’s future depends on that government, who wants to eliminate some of the money aids. Who thinks that everyone has enough money, there is no one who cannot afford food and light. They should just open their eyes and admit that this amount of money is not enough.

And the only hope in the darkness is the education. Another failed set-up. Where the individual is not respected, where you have to learn as much as a college student, where you can be easily bullied, where your talent is repressed. School is the place for most of the students where they can  be warm, eat and be safe for a few hours. You probably noticed the word eating. In the Hungarian schools every child who is in need gets free snacks in the morning and in the afternoon and also  a free lunch. It sounds pretty good, I know, but no one can be full if the meals are small, often badly-cooked. You have to admit that you cannot survive a day with 2 sandwiches. „It is even worse after the weekends and holidays. For Monday we usually order more from the snacks and from even the lunch. Most of the time the food is gone in an hour. There are kids who even eat three times from the lunch.”

Is there any solution?

Firstly, there are a lot of inviting applications. Cities, citizens, societies can apply for them. They can win money or help and materials for buildings (schools, kindergartens…) and also for renovations. It is easy to apply and there are a lot of people who would do it even for their neighbours and friends.

Secondly, I think it is a really brilliant idea, is a Hope Village. Families in need can get a house for free with a small garden and the father can get a job. In the first year they only have to pay for the bills. Clothes, food, education, public transportation is free. For two years they are supported in this way, so the family can save some money for the future. At the end of the second year the mother also gets a job. At end of the third year here the family can be independent.

And last but not least the most important part of this is you! With just a little support you can affect someone’s life in a positive way. Every help is valuable, every forint is a little bliss for a poor kid.

It is the time to change the Future!

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Hey, I am a 17 years old high school student from Hungary.

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  1. Mimi says:

    Nice work! 😉

  2. Miki says:

    Hajrá Nati!
    Amit értettem azzal a minimális angoltudásommal, az tetszett!

  3. Anna Udvari says:

    Hi Nati,
    I think your essay is pretty impressive, great job! 🙂 Although I would like to have your attention paid to two little “mistakes” that I would think were just lack of re-reading. 😉
    Firstly, your grammar is not always proper according to the meaning of the text and I am positive that you could correct them in the future.
    Secondly, If I were you, I would not state something at the first part of the essay and then say the opposite in the conclusion (eg.: you said it would not help if everyone in the community donated some money to poor families, but then you wrote that every penny counts that are given.)
    Anyway, I would still recommend this to be read by every soul that I know because of the pover of truth included in it about starvation in the world and the connection between poverty and government/individuals. I wish you good luck with the content, you clearly seen passionate about these issues and you are talented at concluding them! 🙂

    • Anna Udvari says:


    • Reka says:

      I was thinking the same things, specially as this is an essay for a competition, you could have taken a little time to correct your grammar. Specially with “boughten” which is not a correct tense, or even a word, or simply just putting in the correct punctuations. The sentence “Specifically in these families the kids are the first. If someone eats, drinks or gets a little surprise gift is certainly the child, second is the father and after the mother.” felt a little too…translated, not written in English. The topic was an awesome one, but had much more potential in it. Anyways, I kept me on this site for more than 3 mins, so good luck!

    • Natko says:

      Thnak you Anna 🙂
      Thanks also for your tips, I will try to focuse on them more in the future 😉

  4. SaGa243 says:

    This was good for someone that is not a native English speaker. You did fantastic, despite a few small errors. The fact that you are bilingual is amazing so keep going. You’ll get there!

  5. No Or says:

    Wow Incredible,

  6. Torma Orsi says:

    Well written essay! Congrats!

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