I wish You all have a Full Stomach Breakfast Everyday, Not much.. I going to speak about the hungry Stomachs around the world.. care to join me if I really want to help them and appreciate my work here.. I am asking to make a organisation to help people get food.. but I don’t want them to give food for free either.. we want them to make there own food by working on there land.. we all work for food, So they should also.. but don’t think any kind of bad job should be given to them.. they also have pride but they lost it in front of there hunger… Pride lost in front for hunger.. , rubbish… U people sometimes through away the food served on ur table by ur mom, because I never liked the food she made.. but remember theat once in ur life she will leave u behind and go to somewhere even science can’t explain.. before she goes the food made by her is the food of love that u get… In Hindu mythology ‘ Maa Adhishakthi, to look after her children directly she took form of ur mother and came to u’ so never make her heart pain by doing this u are praying to the God itself.. And God is seeing u through the eyes of ur mother..That is Y ur mother love ur brother and sister and u as same as u.. But u sometimes lose the food of love she gave u by throwing away or by opting for other food.. if u throwing away the food then Y should u throw in the waste Basket. Throw the food that way it can reach to a another person or animal which is hungry will eat whatever it get.. see that animal eating the food u thrower away.  U will be sorry for not eating that food.  Next time onwards u will share the food with the same animal and eat the food together.  What a wonderful life it would be. Sharing the food makes u like God for those who is in need for food. They will see u as the only place they like to sit because..? They get a feeling they r safe.. like cats .. if u give food for a cat then they sit there with u.  They feel u and love u.. like wise God is doing… So Y u said u want to be helping God. And u don’t want to be …

We in India see people in the road all the time.. they sleep in the road side where there is a risk of being bitten by Street Dogs.  Hunger is the other fact they have to destroy, meaning many r limbless or having disease they have to fight for it….

Now u may think then y should they be in the road go to some place like Dharma Shala or near the Temples etc.. but they can’t even do that.. there is many place like this in which daily means of money for these people are absent and can’t find for the existing people. . so they r not welcomed there too.. who cares.. 

Seeing people in the road.

Nothing less than ordinary view for natives and for foreign people it is India.!! Wonderful India..!! We need to come to India to see people in sleeping in the Road Side.

All because of poverty and hunger..

Planet Level

Have u seen the growth of population in this world.. I think u may have seen that.. but have u thought how will the population will decline..? The lose of air and water is rapidly increasing nothing can stop this.. but are our plants up to that.? They r not being also increasing they r decreased by a rapid rate of a football field every minute u see.  !! The source of food. The food that all living things need.. and y are we no carrying for that.. life less birds, life less animals, life less childrens.. all r happening all around the world.. no one is coming out to give and protection to them all the people with rich source of money are just saying that they have a no time.. and they are tied by the time they get home.. and also they go for your to other countries etc….


Next Time Your Birthday

In that event ask ur parents or u decide to give the cake money to someone in need. Or give them to the nearest cancer centre or give them to any charity society which really helps people..  I wish I could go to the near by cancer centre on my birthday because giving a lunch box to them and seeing the funny and laughter faces of them will be the most wonderful moment in my life nothing can stop me form doing that only I can stop me…. If it lazy, if u r stupid then u go to buy a cake and put candle in it, Hooo, to he candle..? It is not good thing to do. Candles are the source of light and knowledge ur a being doing bad thing in a birthday.. not to do .


I hope everyone will not Understand anything from the above paragraph because if u start a topic I will move around through all other topic rather than the given topic. Sorry if I messed up.. if I win something from the contest.. j surely give that money to the poor and needy only..

Because I am already able to eat all 3 meals a day.. then y save for my future .. I am student so my mother and father will look after me.. no need for saving.. I need to let go of money I get now.. but I ask for money less often from my parents too. Over cashing my parents is also bad..


Thank you guys.  Hope u enjoy

I am a nice guy.. that is all . I wish to make friends with all sorts of things in the world to amoeba to the big whale..

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  1. Gokul Rajendran says:

    Hey.. try to say something.?

  2. kaizailomo5 says:

    U really flew..

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