Education is important

According to Wikipedia, knowledge is an understanding of someone or something, such as facts, information, descriptions, or skills, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovering, or learning. Knowledge is something so important for being in a society. Without knowledge, you are almost useless and nobody is going to respect a person that is not educated. That would be a huge problem.

Education is one of the most important thing in the world. No education means no developing, the world would not be beautiful as it is now. There will be no cellphone, no computer, no medicines, no nothing. Your life now would be like from thousands and thousands years ago. Now you know education affect to your life but there are still some issues with it.

Educating issue

Everyone knows there are billions of children around the world don’t have an opportunity to go to school. Most of the cases are come from money. Money acts like a factor of everything nowadays. To have food, you need money. To have good health, you need money. (You cannot buy medicines without money). And to have educated, you need money. See how important money is! How can children go to school when money is that important?

Why not for free?

You might think “Why don’t we just let everybody go to school for free? That’s would solve the problem, right?”. But you forget about the economic side. Without the money from students, teachers won’t have salary at all. Some countries are trying to set the fee for elementary school and middle school to be free. But that just seems too hard for the country’s system. The salary for teachers is not going to be high when the system have to pay for every teachers. This leads to another problem that nobody wants to be a teacher anymore. (They cannot afford themselves with a low salary). So we should not do that at all!

So get to this point, you think that this essay is going to talk about money instead of educational equity. Nope, everything I said above is just to show you why there are so many children cannot go to school or  we can’t just let people go to school for free. So how do we ensure that everybody have educational equality. That is the next and also the main point of my essay.

How to solve the issue?

One of the suggestions is that let the children “work” while they are learning in school. That might sounds cruel but let me explain. “Work” here means doing community services, making projects or write a book, etc. Instead of volunteering, which is helping for free (even though it’s good), we will do services for low fees. This will have a huge effect on lives of a lot of people and help the world be a better place. The fee will pay the students’ education instead of money from their parents. This create an opportunity for children to help people. All of them can go to school even they don’t directly pay for their education.

Beside that, I think children have a really great imagination and always want to create something new. They can use everything they learn in school to make their own project and even sell them. Teachers can help them making them. The variety of projects can be books, drawings or science projects. We can also make a musical concert so students can perform and earn money from selling tickets.

The whole points of doing this is helping students to be educated equally and enjoy the time when they are in school, helping people and doing things that they like.

Benefit from doing this way

To me, this method would also promote lifelong learning opportunities. Students are having a chance to do what they like, apply all their knowledge learning from school to create their own projects. This will help students always want to learn more and more to do what they want to do. Students will not have an idea of going to school just to get a diploma but to gain more knowledge and help the society with our all the stuff that we learn from school. That would be a lot of fun.

I hope that my idea would help the world be better even just a little bit. So it’s just my idea, do you have another idea? Please share!

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I like technology and programming. I am a person who like learning but don't like studying.

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