I have attended a month long program focused on addressing the needs of refugees and IDPs (internally displaced people) called IYLEP ( Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program) this summer in the United States. We are youth leaders in our community, trying to make big changes for people who suffered greatly, fleeing their homes and livelihoods and now living in camps. Because of the problems inside Iraq and other parts of the Middle East we have a huge amount of refugees in Iraq specially in the northern part called,  Kurdistan region.  We have more than 1.9 M refugees and IDP’s from Syria , Iran and the cities that are recovering from war or they are still war zone inside Iraq, Many of them live close to us. Our project to help them in both interpersonal and technical skills it is divided into these areas.


We have expertise 

– Interpersonal development  (they are recovering from a big war and many experienced sever trauma)
1) Helping support mental health by providing dialogue sessions, using models/ best practices developed in cross-cultural youth programs
2) Entertaining  camp residents and engaging them in playing  instruments, enjoying musical activities and drawing/ art and other therapeutic expression activities 


We have expertise in the technical skill areas below and will provide instruction in the following 

technical skill areas to help refugees gain employment and become self sufficient:


1) Teaching refugees and IDPs how to repair smart phones by both hardware and software
2) Teaching refugees and IDPs how repair computers by both hardware and software
3) Giving them text books to guide their learning

It focuses on developbing both interpersonal and techincal skills for 150 IDP’s from mosul who are located in Arbat camp and Raparin camp in sulaimaniyah city / iraq . By helping 100 women for mental help and dialogue sessions with them to recover from that big trauma that they had from the wars and helping them technically by teaching 50 men from the age of 16 to 30 years old by teaching them how to repair smart phones and computers in both hardware and software and we will have a textbook that we will go on.

The plan :

We have collected 40 volunteers for this project , they are divided into two groups the first one is about the mental help and they will do
– Dialogue sessions
-Ice breaker (to break the fear between the students)
-Reframe what happened to you
– Stories to share ( from the IDP’s)
– How to overcome it?
– What is the meaning of life
– How to stop nightmares
– Team building
– How to overcome the trauma
– Women issues
– How to help your children
– Myths
– one on one talk
– Feel free to share
About the Men

– Introduction about smartphones and Computers
– What is the diffrence between software and hardware?
– What are the tools that we need?
– What is phone board?
– How to read chips?
– What are the diffrences between platforms
– What are the programs for software needed?
– How to fix Iphone errors
– How to fix android software ( briefly)
– How to replace a chip?
– How to know what is the problem?
– what is a mic and how to replace it?
– What are charging issues and how to solve them?
– How to change screens ?
-How to change touch screen glass?
– How to findout the problems?
– Flashlight issue
These are divided into days and we have much more

The outcomes:

We expect that women can be more active and more social and more confident because dialogue
and what the
of, when that happens the outcome is a an independent woman who is more active and more social
that she can rely on her self and she recover from that big fear and trauma , for men we believe that
after the course the men can get a job and can build their own shop and they can get a good salary to
live them selfes and family on that can make them more happy with life.

How to know if the project was successfull?

If the amount of suicide and killing from the IDP’s gets down and the IDP’s start getting out from the
camps that means that the project was so successfull because if you have a good salary and you
make your own money you would never live in camps anymore, if the women are more social and we
see number of the divorse and early marraige gets lower from the camps that means that the women
are more educated and they don’t have to leave their girls from this young age to marry someone so
she can have a better life

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