An hour is everything that was left.


Yet , it was leaving her too


This war killed her years ago when it destroyed her house with the most dramatic effects .She has to thank those enemies who made the place she spent most of her time in turn to dust in the fastest way ,like it was nothing, like she wasn’t born in it, like her first steps weren’t taken there, like her first words weren’t pronounced in the living room.

    Like her sister’s soul hasn’t left them, there among the rocks of what was once her childhood castle


That time her family and she were saved but her twin wasn’t lucky enough .That time a piece of her shattered to no return.


Months later her father was killed: he was defending her against a soldier who intended to take her hostage. It was a slow show, one she didn’t need to quarrel with her sister to watch on TV, this time it was live.

Every moment was tattooed in the depth of her memory .How the bullet pierced her Daddy’s heart and the blood covered his shirt. How his eyes widened in shock and his legs gave up under his weight, funny because he became such a thin man and she only noticed now because she always overlooked his well being when he gave her his small hard piece of bread, and then his body fell and his head was in her lap, and she heard him say “Luna” and she knew he was dead yet she clutched his body crying for him to wake up and she forgot the cause of this fiasco who was on the ground because of a bad-aimed bullet that hit him in his heart, and she knew that she can’t say “and”  every two words she muttered but the tears wouldn’t stop and she wished her father’s life had an “and” not an “end”.

    Because once again she was saved while her father passed away and something in her shattered to no return and she won’t ever forgive herself and she won’t ever call anyone “Daddy”.


41.Her mother was only 41 when they took her.

After the demise of her “Dad” she grow more attached to her mom who was turning into a mummy…

People on their side were winning the war and she let herself hope and dream. However it took one night ,one hour for everything to fall apart. Their enemy returned stronger than before. 2 soldiers found her and her mom’s shelter .They were big, scary, with madness in their eyes just like the monsters her father used to tell her about when he read her stories .They tied her and let her watch as they took care of her mother, and what care it was ,they raped her continuously .Her mother’s sweet laughter turned to agonizing cries, she yelled and shouted her husband’s name while trying to struggle out of those monster’s hold .But they were having fun and they killed her swiftly like she wasn’t her daughter’s guarding-angel and the only one left for her.

       That night she was saved, but the fire that burned inside of her dimmed and went off.

       Nothing shattered that night, because nothing was left to shatter.


Would people love war if they felt it ,if they lost all their loved ones….if they lost themselves.


Couldn’t leaders stop their greed? Wouldn’t it be better if they taught children to love and protect instead of hating and destroying?


She always wondered why couldn’t big associations sign petitions to end war , and why couldn’t governments ask their people for their opinions


Couldn’t they debate instead of shooting fire and exploding bombs? Instead of trunks and guns , couldn’t they use paper and words?


Let writers write, musicians sing ,actors act doctors heal, teachers teach volunteers volunteer chefs cook .Let them do good and help the rest of my kind


Teach kids to respect other’s opinions, religions…choices.

Teach them to be one because we’re only humans and only together do we stand strong.

Teach them to love unconditionally : to love people ,animals ,plants; the earth, the world ,the universe…..the love..


Teach people to have inner peace and you’ll be surprised at the great effects.


Maybe if she had time to grow up she would have become a human right laywer..


But now she’s dying in a pool of her own blood, looking like that Disney’s mermaid with red hair , inable to speak to shout to the world , inable to walk away


Just like that mermaid…but she was no princess…she’s too tainted to be… too hollow to bring happiness


Not too much time left…besides she died every time she was saved and every time she lost someone as a cost for her life….


Her twin’s braid

Her mother’s smile

Her father’s stories


So she said: “ Sister, Mum , Daddy …where are you?


I’m coming home.!”


And a girl in a pool of blood was found dead with a beautiful smile on her face and tear on her cheek.

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