According to Google inequality means difference in size,degree or circumstances. My goal is to help reduce inequality among countries with this article.whether it’s inequality based on income, sex ,age poverty or lack of opportunity in the world or among countries.

Inequality threatens long term social and economic development, in unables poverty reduction and destroys confidence and self-esteem.In result this breeds crime and violence , diseases and harm to the environment. In order to solve this to make the planet a better place, everyone should be involved in opportunities, services and chances for a better life.

Some issuses that some countries face are that social protection has been significantly extended worldwide yet persons with disabilities are up to 5 times more likely to incur catastrophic health expenditures.Or that income inequality cannot be tackled effectively unless opportunities are address.These are just a few but know that it affects every country.

Can we achieve equality? Yes,we can achieve equality for one and all.No matter what kind of equality ,its something we should share , it shouldn’t be a burden but a right. Inequality is a major issues we face in today’s world.We all have to face it at some point in our life’s but if we stand strong as a country or family we can break down the barriers of inequality.





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