• In Chinese, Wei means danger and Hui means opportunity. Together they form the word wei ji which means “crisis”. Wei ji is the best way to describe our current Climate Change situation. It is a global challenge and it requires international solutions and solidarity, especially by corporations.  

According to takepart.com, Climate Change “refers to the rise in average surface temperatures on Earth… It is primarily due to the human use of fossil fuels, which releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses into the air. These gasses trap heat within the atmosphere.”  Although the rise in earthly temperature seems like a minor problem, it is actually a major Ji Hui as it causes catastrophic consequences. Due to the hotter climates, global food insecurities are increasing as crops do not grow as adequately. Due to rising sea levels, cities near the coast are being flooded. An example of this is seen in Miami, where the government has to re-level the city in fear of local residences and businesses being filled with sea water.

-Miami ,0ctober 17,2016.     

Since Climate Change affects the whole planet, it affects the many corporations all over the world.  It causes the global death rate to rise and local customers to move away, making corporations have depleted profits. Hence, if Climate Change persists, its effect on companies will become detrimental. To prevent this problem, corporations have to see Climate Change as a major issue and fight for its solution. However, one thing that is preventing businesses from this realization, which is causing their future demise, is the media. It portrays Climate Change in such a pessimistic way – pretending that its effects are not imminent and demonstrating that it is an annoying “chore” for us to work with. This prevents corporations from realizing the depth of its consequences and the tiny actions that they can do to prevent it. Therefore, I propose that we change our view of Climate Change, from an annoying “chore”, to an important opportunity for human development and corporation investment. By fighting against Climate Change, there will be unprecedented levels of human unity and cooperation, the emergence of new technologies, and a new sustainable world.

In the light of Climate Change, unprecedented levels of human unity and cooperation will emerge. This is due to the realization that the Ji Hui will affect everyone on a deep physical and personal level. To find a solution to this problem, we will work together, closer than ever before, which will prove to be a pivotal point of unity in human history. Corporations can take advantage of this opportunity as they can influence human unity – they themselves are a symbol of human togetherness as they are comprised of several people working together, as one, to benefit the company. This symbolism can transcend into the world when fighting against Climate Change; we, like the corporations, can work together with people internationally, to benefit humanity by working towards a common goal. Corporations can further use its influence by funding various programs around the world that aim to build communities, unity, and cooperation amongst human beings on the matter of Climate Change. The effect of such programs will be tremendously beneficial, not only to the climate cause but also to humanity’s unity and cooperation. Furthermore, corporations can work with other corporations around the world in realizing the effects of Climate Change – to put an end to the things that are putting our planet at risk. With corporations working closer than ever before, they will fund many projects that were impossible to imagine if it were not for their level of unity and cooperation. Projects which require a huge number of people with different skills and ideas will be achieved in no time due to the cooperation’s involvement.

-Paris agreement.

Likewise, new discovered technologies will emerge during our fight against Climate Change. As our climate fight becomes increasingly challenging, we will need to innovate. This is where we need corporations. Corporations can help by laying down the foundations needed to fight Climate Change with technology. They can increase R&D spending, which will cause the discovery of new technologies to combat Climate Change. This benefits society on a whole, and even the corporations themselves, as in the long term, fewer people will die and there will be more consumers to earn profits from. Additionally, the new technological breakthroughs can help the corporations with their new products to boost revenues.

With the introduction of new technologies to combat Climate Change, we will see a sustainable world coming into being.  Another way to promote this world is by ridding ourselves of our reliance on fossil fuels and other unsustainable methods. Instead, we need to use solar and wind energy. Corporations can help by making investments in such sustainable development goals and technologies which can benefit humanity and themselves. Although some corporations believe that implementation of green renewable energy on a global scale is very expensive, it is actually false, as solar and wind renewable energy are now cheaper than conventional coal. This is proven as the United States pays $500 billion per year on coal while on solar energy, they pay $39 billion a year. Although money is still involved in improving our environment, such expenses come nothing close to the tremendous benefits humanity will gain from solving Climate Change.

In conclusion, if corporations help the fight against Climate Change it will not only benefit the world but also the corporations themselves. From human unity and cooperation to new technological breakthroughs to sustainability, these opportunities are truly remarkable. Therefore, corporations all around the world have an important part to play in the fight against Climate Change. We can no longer view it in such a bleak way but in a way in which it is led by hope, unity, and determination. 


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    very good points and arguments
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    Well written! Great job! 🙂

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    Well said Mr. Yang. Excellent points. “Ji hui”-loved that.

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    Excellent essay Shili! ????Keep up the great work! Love the Ji Hui part ????!

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    Great job ad excellent use of statistical data to support and develop your points ????????

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