edu maybe everyone already know what it was educational but not everyone understood it.

understanding of education is a learning process that is done either formally or informally that aims to educate, provide knowledge and develop their potential in humans and realizing the learning process better. This education has the objective to develop intelligence, the human personality to have a noble character, his self-control skills, and creativity, and of course also to educate people to be better.

but if all that was implemented correctly?

Albert Einstein once said, everyone is a genius but if judging the fish from its ability to climb a tree then it would make him feel stupid for the rest of his life

and the modern school is very funny how they changed millions of people into robots and Do you realize how many children are in the same boat with the fish?

struggling in class, without ever finding the talent they think they’re stupid. believe that they are useless.

But the time has come, that there is no reason …

modern schools kill creativity, create alienation, and hurt intellectually.

School is an ancient institution that outlived its usefulness.

and more than century is literally doesn’t change.My question is  are the school preparing the student for the Future Or Past 

the fact that the school prepares his people to work in factories This explains why schools organize students on a straight line of good and charmingly told students sat quietly. raise your hand if you want to talk and give them a short break to eat and drink and learn more than 8 hours a day. regulate what they should do and make them compete to get an A.

Now the world has evolved, and now we need people who think creatively, innovative, critical, independent, with the ability to connect. behold every scientist will tell you that no two brains are alike and every parent with two or more children will justify it.

so please explain why schools treat students like mold pieces of cake.
giving them crap ‘one size fits all’ excuse my language.

but if a doctor prescribes a medicine to all patients the same results would be TRAGIC so many people will be sick. but if it happens at school, that’s what actually happened is “Educational Malpractice”

when a teacher standing in front of 20 children, each child has different strengths. different needs. different talents. different dream. and you do it the same way?

very embarrassing, I mean teachers have the most important job on the planet but they are paid low. no wonder so many students do not change. let’s be honest

teachers should earn as much as a doctor because doctors can perform heart surgery, and save the life of a child.

But a great teacher can touch the heart of the child and allow him to live true. view, teachers are the heroes who are often blamed but the teacher is not the problem. teachers working in the system without a lot of options or rights.

curriculum created by policy makers that most never taught a single day in their lives just obsessed with standardized pitch. they thought circling an option on the multiple choice test will determine the success of a very embarrassing. in fact the test was too crude to be used.

Frederick J kelly says he is creating a standardized test, saying that “these tests are too crude to be used and should be ignored”

do no more tests exams and curriculum lets create and achieve core every day in every class. math are important, but not more important than, and DANCE ARTS. let’s give each an equal opportunity to every talent.

I know this sounds like a DREAM but states like FINLAND doing impressive.

they have a shorter school hours. teachers are paid properly. no homework, and they focus on collaboration instead of competition but this is where the children take a big leap. their education system exceeds the quality of the education systems of other countries around the world

there is no single solution but let’s move because even though the students only 20% of our population they are 100% of our future.
let us present in their dreams and do not dictate what we can accomplish this is the world that I believe the world where fish no longer forced to climb a tree.

I end my essay may be useful

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18 y.o. study in university of lambung mangkurat

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    i love the way you explain it

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