We all own it to ourselves to recognize that society has made an important progress in the past few decades. One of the most valuable matters in which I have seen an improvement is  “Gender Equality”

       Women used to be at home all the time without any political right and with their free will being taken from them.  They would follow someone else’s orders usually it would be either their father or their partner/husband.

      Through the years though, things changed. In the early nineties women started to fight back for their rights , not only the political but also the social one’s. A great example is Coco Chanel the famous fashion designer who it so happens to be the first woman who wore pants.

    Today women to  most of the countries are pretty much equal with men and they are protected by laws. But there are countries such as India where feminism hasn’t risen up just yet. In these countries women are not equal , they are not even respected. The are often mistreated by society and there is nothing they can do about it. Or so they think. I don’t believe in the impossible. Life is about turning possibilities into probabilities. I strongly believe that if you where unfortunate enough to be in such an unpleasant situation you can either fight your way through it or just watch as live moves on and you are doing nothing to live it.

  They say that ‘Rebellion is the most extreme form of criticism ” .  If they don’t want  to live their lives like slaves they have to work on finding a way to take back what is legally theirs, starting with their lives as individuals. They are not as weak as they like to believe. Female power is actually one of the greater forms of power one can witness. They literally bring life to this world. They carry a human body and give birth to a human soul. It’s a beautiful mystery as to why nature chose women to be the starts for this work of art. Without them the world would be empty , dead. It gives me goosebumps to even thing about it. That is why they should be treated equally , not deferent or better just with the respect they deserve.

    Taking everything into consideration I strongly believe that both genders have something to offer and they are both needed in order for this world to work. Therefore they should be treated with the same amount of love and respect. Gender will never define a person.



2 Comments » for Judge people based to their character not their gender.
  1. Danae says:

    But isnt this unfair the other way round?
    I mean let’s say there is an open position in a company .
    This company is required to recruit stuff from which a minimum 40% must be feminine (by law and because of gender equality)
    Let’s assume two people apply for this position, a man and a woman.
    So if the company does not have the required number of the women working for it won’t it go for the woman no matter if the man has more things to offer?
    NOT because he is a man but because of his knowledge and skills let’s say.
    So isnt this anfair?

    • Nef Charalampous says:

      Well I stand against inequality no matter the gender. Ofc it would be unfair. But feminism talks about equal rights. I would never agree with your example and ofc it is not what feminism is about.

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