Everyday we do the most normal thing ever, we breathe. Have you ever taken the time to appreciate this blessing?

Imagine yourself in the greenest peninsula: The air is thin, the wind gently strokes your face. In the distance, over the mountains, a dark cloud rises. Snoozed lightning strikes flicker in the distance. Gently, inhale. Feel the air roaming through your nostrils invading your lungs, topful. Exhale. The tall grass tickle your palms, and this sprouts a smile onto your face. This must be paradise.

Everyday we expect to wake up to fresh, breathable air. Nowadays, oxygen is taken for granted. With the speed of deforestation rapidly increasing, oxygen has become expensive. Sure, we’ll be able to afford anything with our new multi-story malls, our factory chimneys scraping the heavens. Sadly all these millions can’t buy oxygen.

Imagine yourself in the desert: The air is thick, the sand burns your feet. In the distance the dunes tumble their sandy tops. Your throat burns with thirst. Your skin burst with pain. You give up your will to fight, you tumble to the ground, and slowly fade away.

This is our future. No trees, no oxygen, no life.

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