Recently, the world has been suffering from a lot of man-made disasters. These disasters diverse from terrorism, injustice, ethnic cleansing, wars,etc….
If you tried to figure out the reasons of these disasters, you would probably find that these disasters happened due to lack of justice and peace.

You are probably right. But, I was stopped by a question . Which one is more important than the other,is it peace or justice? Which one is basic for the other? I began to think what if there is a city that lives peacefully, is that because this city applied justice first then,came peace? Or that city achieved peace first and then, justice will come naturally?
Confusing, isn’t it?

Pope Paul VI says, ” If you want peace, work for justice “. I totally agree with him. In my opinion no society can achieve peace without achieving justice first. Justice leads to peace. From the examples that proves what I say is: King Alfred the great, King of Wessex. Although England was occupied by Vikings at that time and there was a huge amount of ignorance , King Alfred succeeded in achieving peace. He achieved peace by applying justice firstl . He stated great laws that helped in spreading justice among English citizens. After that peace among citizens came naturally and also between his enemies.

Achieving peace and justice is very crucial to mankind. Justice will lead to peace ,peace will lead to love, and love will lead to prosperity. On the other hand, injustice will lead to wars , wars will lead to blood shedding, and blood shedding will lead to hate. As an example of injustice is what happened in some Arab countries. Due to spreading of injustice, people started to make revolutions to ask for their rights. The problem is, some of these revolutions turned into wars. Until now people in those countries are still suffering from injustice and something new was added to them which is war and conflict, like Syria.

How then to achieve and promote peace? How to prevent wars and hatred from taking place? One thing that I know for sure is that before seeking global peace, we have to seek inner peace first. We have to search for peace and sense of justice inside us before searching for them in others. Everyone of us plays an important role in promoting peace. As citizens, we have to ask for our rights and we should not stay quiet when we see injustice. We have to raise our children’s awareness about justice. We have to teach them to ask for their rights and seek peace. As governments, governments must state laws to protect citizens’ rights. They have to make conferences to increase people’s awareness about peace. They have to encourage dialogue among masses, among citizens with different classes, and between different political parties. As nations, nations should should promote peace by making global conferences that discuss this issue. They also have to make sure that these discussions and conferences reach to normal citizens.

Most importantly, we have to seek dialogue. Dialogue works as a vital tool for mutual understanding between ourselves, our families, our societies, and our nations. Einstein says,” peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding “. A lot of misunderstanding happens dueto lack of dialogue. Wars take place due to lack of dialogue.

To sum up, we cannot live without peace, and to have peace, justice has to be applied first. We have to achieve inner peace first and then, justice will come naturally. Let’s inherit our children a heritage full of justice, peace ,and love .

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  1. Haidy khaled says:

    Very useful, thank u

  2. Haidy khaled says:

    Thank u alot

  3. Nada ahmed says:

    Respect this essay , we have to do as you said in every thing in our life

  4. Kerolos Magdy says:

    Keep the good work ❤✋

  5. Youmna says:

    Brilliant ❤

  6. Omnea Mokhtar says:

    Good article. Which proves that peace can’t be exist without justice. Its good to be aware and its good to effect.

  7. Merna mahmoud says:

    That was one of the most pruposeful article I ever read . That’s really amazing , this article talked about important topic that matters all the Arabic countires espacially . It mentioned vital points that we should take care about and draw attention to it ,because it matters every single person who lives on that plante . Thanks for this article Yara really you did a great job .

  8. NADER ALI says:

    At First , i fully agree with you .
    In my opinion I think that , we can’t find the peace in a place where there is no justice .
    Peace has two types .. general peace and inner peace and both of them need to feel the existence of justice and see it in reality alongside it’s application.
    Justice leads to peace in every time and every where .
    finally , it’s a wonderful topic , amazing opinion and wise thinking .
    I wish you luck, success and inner peace .

  9. Mai anan says:

    It’s more than amazing????????

  10. Walaa youssef says:

    Good job.. you’ve chosen easy words and quotations and that is needed to support your idea without distracting the readers.
    Keep going ????

  11. Tasneem says:

    Future big writer , I am proud of you ????????

  12. Nourhan Hossam says:

    First of all the title you are talking about is very important to our society in this time so this kind of subjects is so good.secondly l observed that you used a good words and you have a good manner in writing but l advice you to use more conjunctions in your essay and to make your conclusion more smaller and summarize the essay because l observed that you wrote more in it and you wrote more details.finally also their is a good thing that you used some words for famous king and scientist in your essay.

  13. Nada Reda says:


  14. Ghada says:

    Awesome ????????

  15. hend mohamed says:

    I love it

  16. Mary says:

    To be abig writer soon???? keep going????

  17. Salma Reda says:

    Keep going yara ????????❤️ Awesome ???????? ✌????????

  18. Batoul says:


  19. Nour ghareeb says:

    Good work yara keep going ????

  20. Haidy Abd El-Aziz says:

    It’s so amazing . You keep surprising the reader with new thoughts that are so linked to the main idea . You know exactly how the reader is thinking and you are bold enough to show that . Keep going I would surely be happy to read your articles again and again .

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