For years and years we’ve been fed by the idea that things like violence, indifference, injustice, delinquency, corruption are things that are normal, that are something that we just have to accept and face that are part of our everyday life, because anyways, it’s kind of “impossible” to eliminate them, right? Well, I think that there’s an explanation for every action made by a human being, I’m not meaning that we have valid excuses for our terrible acts but there’s always a reason behind them and that’s where we have to start focusing, maybe the origin of all the problems that the earth is facing have a common factor, maybe if we start teaching our young generations that different is not bad or good, it just is, we would see totally different humans, people who really try to understand what happens around them, people who do more than criticize or spit indifference in the face of all problems that don’t affect them directly, people who really understand that we are not alone, that no matter how much you like or not the people around you, you will always have to work as a team, because this world is not yours or mine, we share this world with the whole human race, the animals and the nature, why trying to convince ourselves that other people problems have nothing to do with us? It’s obvious that social media, tv news and even our country representatives are not helping at all to the world’s population by giving us a wrong example of the behavior that is socially acceptable, violence doesn’t end with more violence, fights and rude arguments have turned into an everyday’s show, we don’t even care about a president taking with foul language in open tv, because it is now so normal to see this that the fact that is totally wrong doesn’t even pass through our minds, watching documentaries about life in poor or damaged countries doesn’t wake up a single feeling in us anymore, seeing how someone is being robbed or attacked on the streets doesn’t stops us from keeping walking, and the fact of not caring about the problems around us should concern us more than the problem by itself. It’s not about solving everything that may seem like an inconvenience, it’s about caring about what is happening in our planet, about thinking how can I help, how can I make a change, how am I going to make a difference in my present and not just ignore it, we cannot eliminate all the bad things that exist but we can start making conscience about life and the value that this has, understanding and analyzing before acting and talking, a simple change in our way of thinking may make an enormous chain of changes, it’s not that is our responsibility to care about and help other people, it’s just that if we can and we want to, what is stopping us from doing it? Start asking how’s someone’s day going in place of ignoring the life that surrounds you, stop wasting money on unnecessary things and go buy a sandwich for that poor man who’s sleeping on the sidewalk, don’t try to change your ideals because someone said that you’re wrong, try to explain him why do you believe in that and listen what he thinks about it, don’t change the tv channel where they are talking about a catastrophe in near countries, search and think about what can you do to help a little bit, we’re never too good, too intelligent, too cultured there’s always something new to learn, to try, let’s start to open our minds and free our sense of empathy, I’m pretty sure you and I are humans, maybe we have lots of differences between us but at the end we are living beings who are capable of improving this little part of the universe. Don’t follow everybody’s example just to avoid confrontation, believe in yourself and act as you know you should, maybe presidents, tv programs, propaganda and social media are not inviting us to be better but we do not need that for improving as humans, we just need to understand that you transmit what you are, so why sharing rude critics, hate, overgrown egos and bad vibes when as thinking humans we have much more than that to offer? We’re full of love, of happiness, of solidarity and values, even if we don’t believe that these things are inside us, they are and they are the base of peace and justice, stop hiding them and let them guide us to a better life.

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1 Comment » for Lack of empathy pays for war
  1. Francisco Vega says:

    We live in a world where respect, tolerance and love of neighbor were lost.

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