.    Let’s make our planet a better place to live in…

Why today every person wants to die? Every day we read in newspaper about accidents, terrorist attacks,wars,deaths etc and etc.why these thing’s are happening in our sorrounding ? Why each country fight with other? 

Let’s join hands and make our planet a better place to live in. Daily one soldier is dying . What do they get in written of doing all these disturbance activities ?noting other than bad wishes.

Let’s clean all tanks ,guns or other equipments. These all equipments will clean only when there is no fights and all people live peacefully with love. Let’s make this place a safer place for our daughters, wives,mother’s, sisters and every girl. So that a girl can go out without fear. Let’s join hands together. Only we are the person who can make this world a beautiful and peaceful place to live in.

Let’s join hands together….

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  1. Mufida zuhra says:

    Nice, Dee..! ☺

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