Ever thought of what life would be like without nature? No trees? No beach? No flowers?No fruits? No vegetables? No green grass? No beautiful sea? No ocean? No soil? Would we even survive?

Most of us just look at nature on the surface. It is more precious than we think and we are literally committing suicide by depleting it. The most important part of our environment is the natural ecosystem. I would like to dwell on plants.

Photosynthesis(the process by which green plants manufacture their food using carbon dioxide and water in the presence of sunlight trapped by their chlorophyll and “oxygen is given off as a by-product”) helps to purify the air because plants take in the carbon dioxide that we do not need and release oxygen which we need. We cannot survive without adequate supply of oxygen yet we keep chopping down trees without replacement.

How about medication? The drugs we take when we are sick, are synthesized from plants. Without plants, thousands of people would die every day from  minor ailments.  Yet we do not care to plant even half a seed.

Talk of furniture. We feel good sitting in our comfortable chairs and sleeping in our beds but we fail to appreciate it’s source. If we do not start replanting trees, we just might run out.

How about tourism? Beautiful natural scenery is what makes us travel to far places. We want to feel the inner peace that stems from nature. Take a look at the picture above, you must find it beautiful. But you don’t think it would be great to preserve it. 

We love the scent of flowers. We love getting them from people but we never thought to plant one. Would we get them if someone had not planted them?

We eat to survive. A great percentage of the food that man eats is from plants. Even most of the animals whose flesh we eat and whose milk we consume, couldn’t have survived without plants. Both junk and healthy fruits come from plants.

You still need more reason to start caring? How about the clothes you wear? The clothes that keep you warm in harsh weather conditions. Where do you think they came from?

Oh how we love our houses and cars! They could not have existed without plants. 

Think of anything, anything at all, nature made it possible.

That natural ecosystem that has done you a lot of good is suffering. Trees are being cut down everyday for your use, without replacement. The air pollution increases everyday because factories, producing things for your use, release tons of fumes into the air. The ozone layer is being depleted with global warming awareness on the rise, yet, you sit at home using air conditioners, unfazed and indifferent to the happenings around you. Oh, you are going to wait until the seas start boiling?

You dispose waste carelessly, dumping refuse in river bodies but you do not feel a thing when there is flooding because you were not affected. You should feel guilty. Recycling is a pain for you but taking a lot of consumables that require recycling isn’t?

Our environment is a gift. It is meant to be kept well and used properly. Let us treat our environment just like we treat ourselves. Let us stop destroying it. If we do not preserve the trees, water bodies and our environment in general, we would be like the proverbial “Prodigal Son” who lost all before he realized it. The only difference will be, we might not be able to go back.Our environment is rich. Our environment is precious. Our environment is lovely. And guess what? It’s beautiful too

Whether or not we realize it, we cannot survive without nature. Let us do all we can to protect it. Plant trees, recycle, dispose waste properly, fix your car when it is faulty,raise awareness, preserve nature because you need it too. Our beautiful environment keeps us happy.

If you are human, you should protect your environment. You should preserve the environment. If you do not have any other reason, think about this; At least, nature is beautiful and worth keeping.

Ponder on this and change your mentality!




I am a Medical-doctor in the making. I love to inspire and motivate others.

  1. wao, that was really a good write up. Seriously we all need to start protecting our beautiful environment, lets join hands together to plant more trees to replace the used ones.

  2. B kiran kumar says:

    Touching lines ????????????

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  4. Wilbert L. Nyakunga says:

    Gud idea, let support biodiversity conservation! Keep it up Madam! ????????100%

  5. Keiffer says:

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