Let’s save our world!

“How can I save the environment and what I can do to solve their problems” – everyone asked this question, maybe once, but did it. How often did you interested in how many forests were cut down just for your daily actions in your life? Or how many rubbish weren’t burn and will be decomposing for centuries? How many emissions were thrown in our atmosphere?
According to statistics, each 3 person thinking about it, but not every of them doing something for our planet! What it can lead to? If we cut down all trees, every living beings on the planet will stay without air, including humans, and the humans will have to adapting for a new lifestyle and live in the new environment. Many types of animals just will die out. Lands will be degrading, so humans will have nothing to eat, apart from chemical food, which doesn’t contribute for a healthy lifestyle. Finally, one day there will be nothing on the Earth and humanity will be able to find a new home. Why we will have such terrible consequences? Let’s just carrying about our nature! It’s easy! Let’s note the items:

1. Forests. A lot of forests are disappearing every year faster and faster. Right before our eyes. With the forests disappearance will disappear different types of animals, having lost their home. Scientists say that the forests with humid climate after almost 100 years can disappear from the Earths face! It’s unacceptable! It remains to solve the question about what should we do:

a) It will be very hard for the humans to being without any resiurces like a fuel, building materials and so on. It means that we should’t abandon from the cutting trees down. BUT! I have a really good decision, which calls how the ban of cutting down young trees ans using old trees for the necessary human resources. Thus the forests won’t disappear both the Earth won’t be an excessively overgrown planet.

b) To keep track of the forests condition in the summer, where you can see fire-dangerous period. If it’s possible, to keep close to the forests fire-prevention brigade.

c) Always check deforestation. Poachers everywhere.

d) Moving from paper information processing to computers

e) Restore destroyed forests

2. Combiting desertification. At this moment many countries is going on the so-called land degradation. All this because of information revolution. The people, who threw away their views and powers on the srengthening and development of information technologies in the 20th century, completely forgot about agricultural production. Accordingly, the lands degradation has started. It means that you can’t grow up something on these lands. It, certainly, won’t lead to anything good. It has to be fought. How?

a) Restore the agriculture

b) Stop an industrial production which is a factor of the lands degradation, too

c) Give more money for the different agricultural machinery which helps to plow the lands, to grow crops and etc.

d) Monitor natural factors which contributes an erosion ( Erosion-is a soil destruction by wind or water stream, my note )

3. A recovery of the violated state of the environment. All humanity producing enormous waste number every day. They can be both well and poorly degrdable. If well degradable rubbish like a banana peel or dry grass, doesn’t harm for the environment, poorly degradable rubbish can inflicting serious damage for whole world! Only disposable diapers decomposing 500 years! Just imagine, 5 centuries! And it is an only one subject, there is exist polythylene bags, plastic and so on. So, what we can do:

a) Produce cleaning of rivers, seas, oceans and ponds. The huge number of the wastes throwing exactly in the hydrosphere. It will be able to have disgusting consequences. Different types of fish will die out (or all kinds of fish, only scientists and researches can know that). Apply modern equipment and create something new for the world’s ocean and another water resourses cleaning.

b) Cessation of waste emission into the atmosphere. The emissions have already done their mission and had brought a harm to our atmosphere. Having been disrupted the ozone layer, there began the risk of global warming. Scientists are fighting with  this phenomenon these days. The Global Warming may lead to irreparable consequences! A lot of cities, countries can disappear due to global flooding, to which facilitated the global warming. Cities where the sun more active may to become deserts, lifestyle of many people will change.

c) Maybe it’s the most important part of my composition. If you want to help to this world – start from yourself! If all humanity will think about irreparable harm, which people can do for our environment and undertakes something (it can be a termination of using polyethylene bags, or rubbish recycling, or using the sun energy instead of electricity – not important) we will save our planet!

4. And the last point – protection. What can an ordinary man do? Well,

a) Turn off all electrical appliances, when you don’t use them

b) Use energy-saving bulbs and appliances

c) Buy only environmentally friendly products

d) Sort the garbage

It is the minimum, which every man can do to save our ecosystem. Who wants – can join in volouteering programs and so on.

And now I want to explain why this issue is really important to me. Firstly, I am a resident of this planet, I’m not indifferent to my health, to my life. It hurts to watch at the collapsing world around me, how the earthly beauty is dying, how the human selfishly takes away homes of unprotected beings – animals, birds, insects. And secondly, our future planet is the planet of our children. As we’ll leave our planet to our descendants, so they will live. And I’m sure that everyone wants to provide for their future families a good life. And so do I.

Thanks for your attention!

I am 15 years old. I live in Russia, Rosov-on-Don. I have a relly big dream to study in the USA and, maybe, to be a volunteer. This project can help to make my dreams real. What else I can say about myself... I like reading, dancing, drawing, participate in different competitions, stocks and so on.

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