As a young girl who is allowed to go to school and make a voice I have to work hard to change the sihituation for girls and women in Afghanistan through being an activist and journalist in the future. Gender equality is an important issue. I, as an Afghan girl who lived in Afghanistan for fifteen years know that girls have few chances to get an education, have a job or partake in social programs. Few people know about their wishes, great determination, and sophistications. 

Henceforth, I am a girl who suffered from many hardships in my life, a  girl with so many unbelievable and hard things to tell about women those who face to violence, lack of education, forced marriages, and aggressions. 

Families in so many cases believe in Afghanistan that a boy is better than a girl therefore, it’s unnecessary for girls to be educated in the modern age. Schools have been burned down for girls because of their gender. And getting girls into education is a battle during the Taliban regime and women were treated worse; they were forbidden to work, to get a job, to be banned without a male and also forced to cover themselves completely even covering their eyes not to see the colorful nature. Why? Because they were women, because of their gender. But we do not want girls and women to stay at home and take care of the children only, therefore, it is our responsibility to turn this black page to a white one and smooth away all these problems from the root. 

Girls are the immolations of today’s bad fetishism and we need to show girls are a stronger role model to play a change in society. 

I am sure by the great determination, perseverance, and integrity that we all girls have we will show the world and especially those who are narrow- minded that we are not girls with broken hearts we can play an important role model in our society.I  want each and every woman to understand that wherever you live and whatever traditions and beliefs you have you should be treated the same as men. It means that you should have the same chances for schooling, jobs, and other activities. 

Afghanistan is the worst place to be born a woman because you have fewer chances. During the Taliban regime from 1996 till 2001, the situation became worse and girls were prevented from going to school which is the basic right of everyone.  After the fall of Taliban, women started to improve they were able to go to work, to get an education and at least have their basic rights. Right now we have women who are ministers, we have teachers, doctors, and we have women who are in the Senate and Parliament. But still, fifteen years after the fall of Taliban, Women in Afghanistan face to discrimination, abuse, and oppression. Nearly, most of the women still face physical and psychological violence. 

This world is full of paradoxical things and realities that shaped the world and cultures, and we girls are part of that. So, let’s all work toward gender equality and protecting our rights.


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