Every person in the world would say that he or she is absolutely fair and equitable towards others, if you asked them. Because we all have different and personal opinion on what justice really is. It strongly depends on an individual’s education, behaviour, character and view of the world, and equally strongly affects their life. Nevertheless, what does it actually mean? According to the Oxford Dictonaries, justice – ‘the quality of being fair and reasonable’. Unfortuntely, I doubt that at least half of the world population fits into that definition. So, there’s the question – is there really a lot of justice in our world? And here’s the answer – no, not at all.


Again, everyone can say that they were treated unfair at least once in their life. But how is that possible – everyone is fair and still treated unfair? That leads to the conclusion that noone is actually fair. The problem is not in people around you, who – as you think – should treat you better. The problem is in you. The biggest problem of nowadays society is, in my opinion, that everyone thinks they are perfect and the others are the ones who are wrong. But the thing is – nobody’s perfect, and that makes you wrong at some point, too. People never see their own imperfections, but are always ready to judge and cry about how unfair others are towards them. Maybe, the time has come to stop and change eventually? I truly wish it was that easy.


Let’s imagine for a single moment that there is no such thing as justice at all. What would our planet look like? Compete chaos, obviously. Due to that, I don’t think it will be wrong to say that ‘justice’ is nothing but the synonym of ‘discipline’, but not in a way we usually understand that word. It is not the discipline of our actions and behaviour but more like the discipline of our thoughts. It is also very close to the word ‘morality’ – it kind of tells us what is right and what is wrong. According to what I wrote earlier, only a few people can be proud of being that kind of a person. Nowadays it is so rare to meet one. Therefore, there is no need to dye your hair blue and have a tattoo all over your face to stand out of the crowd – being just is absolutely enough to differ.


After everything that I have written, there is only one question for me left – what can we do to change the situation? Is there any chance to make our world a better place? If you want your life to be fair to you – there is no other way but to be fair yourself. We are the ones who create the world we live in. We create our ilnesses, situations with people, with job, money and everything else. And if we create our world, then, consequently, we are the ones who have the power to change it. In other words, if there is something in yout life what you don’t like, you are the only person who can change it. By identifiyng and eliminating the cause of any problem and creating something new, you can make your life the happiest it could ever be – the chance is always yours.


But, and I have already mentioned it, – every person is different and has their own point of view. There is always as much ‘truths’ as there is people, and this is something you should never forget. We all know the famous tale of Robin Hood – the old ‘superhero’ who was robbing the rich and giving money to the poor. Most people consider it as a perfect example of justice, but if you think about it more – is it actually that perfect? And here comes what I have been writing about – there is always at least two ‘truths’. From the point of view of the poor, of course it is fair – for everyone to have the equal amount of money. But if you look at it from the other side – the point of view of the rich, you will notice the other ‘truth’. A person, who has been working hard many years to have the life he/she wants, gets robbed one day and a lot of their money is taken away. How is that fair? Which leads us to a point where there is no such thing as ‘one real truth’ – and what is justice for someone, could be injustice to someone else. This is what our Life is.


To sum up, I will formulate the main idea of my essay. The way person behaves towards other people is the behaviour he/she will get from them. This is what I call ‘The Justice of Life’. If you are friendly, willing to help and fair – you will get a lot of great things in your life. That kind of person only attracts honest and open-minded people.

Justice is what everyone dreams of.

Justice is what everyone is expecting.

Here comes the very last question to be asked – ‘How can there be any justice in such an unfair world of ours?’

Well, life’s what you make it – so make it just.

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