Management for Safe Drinking Water, Health and Sanitation
Water is an essential commodity for life.  The right to water is thus an inalienable right.
Water is by far the communist substance on earth, the 97% of the total sea water is unfit for human consumption. Of the 3% that is fresh, two-thirds is locked up in glaciers of ice and frozen around the Poles. Only 1% of the world’s water is available for human consumption. Water is literally vital; without it life would not exist but even 1% of earth’s available water should be enough for all.
Water is infinitely renewable. Some countries likes Canada, Austria, Ireland, Finland have more water than they can possibly use; other such as Australia, Northern China and the Middle-East have too little. Yet countries such as India and Bangladesh have seasonal rainfall and most of the year’s supply may arrive within a few months.The misuse of water is the major difficulty.
There are two important factors given below:
1.Water is a major factor in each of the three pillars of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental.
2.Water is such a common good of humankind. This is the basis for cooperation toward a water policy that gives priority to persons living in poverty.
Water scarcity has more dramatic effects for the poor than for the wealthy. The cost of even minimal basic water services is so high that the poor may never be able to afford them.
The water availability issue can be solved only through use of correct amount of water.
Rain water harvest one of the best solutions towards water availability issue
Creating awareness of saving water is required to reduce water scarcity.
Water is one of the most essential resources for living on Earth.
Nowadays, water availability has become scarce.
Availability of water is becoming limited on today’s time. We can see water scarcity in many places of the world. Out of the available water in the world, only 7% is fresh water, the rest is sea water. This 3% of fresh water is very essential for human consumption. So, conservation of water is an important concern now. We can save water by changing by making few changes in our day to day activities like:
Do not let any water leakage in pipes or taps at your home.
Ensure you don’t waste a lot of water while washing, cleaning or bathing.
Turn off your tap when you are not using it even if it is for few seconds.
Do not use hose to clean yards or lawns, use broomsticks.
Do not install ornamental water features at home like fountains.
water availability itself has become an issue today. We need fresh water to run our life normally. Conservation of water is required save water for today and future generations.
We should use water with a concern of saving it. We should not pour water while washing, cleaning, bathing and so on. It is always good to fill water in a bucket before bathing, sink before washing, tub before cleaning. Any means that lets water leakage should be found at immediately and rectified. Do not fully open tap while brushing teeth, washing face and cleaning vessels. Opening water taps in slow streams is the best way to save water.
Growing plants and trees is good. But ensure you plan your garden in such a way that the water you use for cleaning or washing flows into your garden. This helps in solving two purposes at the same time. Plan a Rain Water Harvest in your home. You can use this water during the times of scarcity
Management of water quantity can be carried out by revising the allocation of water to different users. Better maintenance and repair of existing water systems can often significantly increase the water supply. Water conservation methods such as rainwater harvesting, fog condensation and underground dams should be studied for use where appropriate along with stabilization ponds for wastewater and treatment technology for the use of wastewater for irrigation.
Water shortages can be substantially overcome through further development and use of treated urban wastewater for use in agriculture. This has considerable potential and if carefully managed carries only very limited risks and associated difficulties.
Poverty is the most important factor related to the sustainable provision of basic water and sanitation services.
Sustainable water policies will not be attained in areas which are impoverished in many other aspects. Poor services are a symptom of something fundamental. Authorities are unable to provide the institutional framework and the infrastructures to regulate the sector.
National and local financial support for the water sector must also increase. Where subsidies are necessary, and they will be necessary, they should carefully target poor and families living in poverty rather than being applied generally.
Water is an essential element for life. Right throughout human history water has been looked on as something intertwined with humankind. Human beings live alongside water and are nourished by water. It is a source of beauty, wonder and relaxation and refreshment. Our very contact with nature has a deep restorative power. It is no accident that people chose places associated with water for the holidays, in order to renew and regenerate themselves. Water has an aesthetic value.
In the Judo-Christian Holy Book, God is presented as the source of living water beside which the just man can find life.
Conservation of water is good because it provides for future generations that fundamental good which nourishes and allows us to protect such a source of power beauty and many other nice things.
Only when humankind respects the integrity of creation, in conformity to God’s providential plan, will we reach a true appreciation of the significance of water in creation and for humankind.
We need to join hands together to deal with the clean water scarcity through various best and most suitable methods by making the motto of “Save water, save life, save the world”.
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I am Yogesh Sharma. I live in one of the most beautiful cities of North India, dehradun.

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