Did it ever occur to you that somewhere on this planet while you’re laughing, some child is crying over the corpse of his father.?

   That while you’re shouting at your mother because she entered your room without knocking on the door , some kids are hugging their mum and shouting at her to wake up but in vain, because she passed away hours ago.

    That when you’re refusing to eat vegetables , some people are eating grass and sharing a hard piece of bread, just to survive.

     That while you’re dreading  waking up in the morning and attending classes, some pupils are studying  in a small class that threatens to collapse every passing minute, just to hide from the enemy.

       That when you’re listening to loud music, someone is listening to the terrific noise of bombs and guns.

Did it now? Have you ever thought about those innocents whose only mistake was to love their country, be different ,or be a citizens of their community? Have you ever noticed how these victims are just a game for politicians , that they’re nothing to big people but only a chess game and that their country is only the board?

when is this game going to be over? Rounds after rounds, dead bodies, hostages ,poverty, misery , blood….. and more beasts.

When did we humans turn out to be beasts? When did we fall to our greed, to our selfishness, and to our stubbornness?

I have many things to say:

    To every soldier…Do you like the taste of blood on your lips? Do you fancy the red color  the water you shower with turn into?

   To every general …Are you able to sleep without pills? Do you have visions about your kids dead?

    To every leader…..don’t you have nightmares that hunt you? Can you sleep at night knowing that you ordered your fellows to massacre groups of people?

    To every victim…..I’m sorry you’re living at the mercy of a beast.

     To you , who are reading this…Why are you silent? Why are you not objecting ? Do you like chaos and wreckage ?

                                               When…?Where…..? Why ….?

There are no answers . No actions . No words that can excuse us .It doesn’t take a moustache like Hitler’s to be evil, it doesn’t need a gun or a bomb, it doesn’t even take an evil laugh .All it needs is your silence and you’ll be participating in slaying others .Every one of us is responsible for all the violence we witness , the pain we infect, and the monsters we make.

Do we even deserve to be called humans?!

We, me and you ,have to start acting before we destroy the small humanity that was left .There is no time for us. It’s now or never .

And to achieve that we should…NO we must teach peace, because in teaching peace we teach love, we learn the past and we make history. Someone once said:

                     “ Old men can make war, but it is children who will make history”

 Take your decision .Be brave and make the first step because once you do it you’ll never stop standing against violence .You matter, your voice do, and thousands of united people do.

Let’s raise well-educated generations that are open-minded and ready to fight using their minds instead of their weapons. Humanity deserves existing and the world needs a better history: one that isn’t tainted with red and hate. I myself started taking actions .I have always watched on TV victims of war and violence and I have always pitied them .However today I did the right thing , I wrote this essay. Today is the last day of the year, and I wanted it to be the beginning of something beautiful .The start of a new era for me and a white page that I’ll write on my victories against the ignorance of selfish men and I hope you’ll be sharing with me this intention.

Dear reader, never let anyone crash your hopes for peace because without hope we will stay caged into this vicious circle of revenge, selfishness ,greed and darkness.

                                       “Yes we can , Yes we can, Yes we can”

Peace and love are our saviors from ourselves.

Belief and faith are our guide.

Hard work is what we need .

Unity is our road to victory.

Determination is our weapon.

Be humans and never beasts .

Thank you all for reading this.



11 Comments » for No more humans , just beasts
  1. Merieem labidi says:

    Flawless ❤

  2. Yassine says:


  3. Amel says:


  4. Truth can be painful but pain will eventually be healed through time ∪ˍ∪ nice work (*^ω^*)

  5. Karim Tarabya says:

    That is great ???????????? keep going

  6. Mazen Adam says:

    You have good mind and thought
    I really like this essay ❤

  7. Arij says:

    Good job ❤ keep going it’s worth it ❤

  8. Firas says:

    Nice job keep going????????

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