what is a life without you? You can save a life just by reading this. I don’t think I can live if it was just me, life worth more than living just for yourself , what should happen to the green life’s out there? The wild life, the aquatic life, the environment, the declining Economies, the poor masses, victims of wars, plagues and diseases. Are the efforts of our past heroes going to be in vain? The answer is “NO”, we must make a change.

The worlds change starts with You and I, there’s a saying; “every dollar counts”, but permit me to paraphrase it; “every effort counts”. You can change the world just by writing, liking, sharing this message to everyone out there. The message is, life can’t be complete without you, let’s make the world a better place by caring for life’s and and environment we’re in and the ones around. It cost you nothing to be part of this movement, just your support and love for equality, conservation and humanity.

Sometimes why we don’t support this is because we think it’s time consuming or financially intense. But it’s not just that way, to be a humanitarian starts we the mind, which is the power house of your actions. We need more of a loving and caring heart for the world and its environs, that’s is all we ask for. You can save a life today if just allow your hands to reach out for love, give someone out there hope and a reason to feel alive again.

Educating the world about love can be the greatest investment in humanity, be a part of every two people out there trying to make you and I safe, happy and hopeful. It’s a world big enough to contain us and small enough to reach out to we all, that world is in our minds. Let’s turn it’s light on, so it shines for everyone.

There’s no lesser being, there’s only lesser minds, we can build humanity when we build the mind. This information is for you and l, let’s take it to everyone out there by simply sharing this message. I understand how busy you’re but you’ll be helping billions of people in the world by making sure everyone gets this message. It’s just to share, that’s all and you can be saving a life. Don’t forget there is no life without you.

Written by Princewill Nwokeke for CSRMATCH essay.

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