The world’s problems are so big and complex, it’s dizzying to figure out where to even begin listing them. So I’ll give you some advice that will get you started, save you some steps and put things in perspective. The world’s problems have many seeds, but most of them wouldn’t have grown into towering banyan trees without being thoroughly watered with poverty. If you can fix that, then the other evils it creates and exacerbates will wither away.

It has only become problem because our global economy has taken this concept to its most ruthless extreme and operates under the premise that the purpose of businesses is to make as much profit as possible for the owner/s, which is accomplished primarily by paying workers as little, and charging customers as much, as supply and demand will allow. This isn’t just a formula for poverty. It’s the formula for poverty. On paper it looks deceptively simple, but it’s tearing the world apart. Below is a list of apocalyptic problems that can be reduced from mountains to molehills by fixing the root cause of poverty.

A Disney movie recently asked, “How are there simultaneous epidemics of starvation  and obesity?” The answer is poverty. In a predatory economy, farms couldn’t give food away for free if they wanted to because they’d go bankrupt. Most farmers can’t even afford to sell their products at reasonable prices, because everything they have to buy to run their company and take care of their family costs as much as possible. The largest corporations could lower their prices, but they beat their competition and established themselves as market leaders by caring more about profit than human life or happiness to begin with. If they stopped exploiting their customers and workers, they’d lose their market share to a competitor who will.

The law of supply and demand says the more people need something, the more they’re willing to pay for it, and predatory capitalism says to match your prices to your customer’s desperation level. So going to the hospital to fix the inevitable health problems caused by stress and poison is as expensive as possible because medical schools and medical supply companies charge doctors and hospitals extortionate prices. Doctors then pass the exploitative costs onto their customers while also increasing the final price even higher to further take advantage of their customers’ vulnerability.

The world has enough resources to house everyone. In America, there are already six times more empty houses than homeless people. The reason working class families can’t afford to buy abandoned property is because the government, in collusion with banks, have inflated the prices of real estate through convoluted mortgage laws.

At the same time, the rich are buying up more land than they need, creating false scarcity that further drives up prices and fuels a never ending cycle of housing bubbles/busts that teeter back and forth between excluding the poor from being able to afford homes and then decimating the equity of those who could.

I’m less interested in convincing you to accept my theories than I am in inspiring you to do your own research and come up with your own. If you want to know my theory, the simplest solution is to require governments to spend tax revenue on feeding and sheltering all of its citizens before they’re allowed to spend taxes on anything else. This will solve people’s immediate problems, give them the freedom not to have to work/consume, and eliminate the leverage businesses use to exploit everyone at every corner. If governments won’t do that, citizens need to organize to create private sustainable communities to shelter themselves from poverty.

 It is all in the mindset. You just need to put it in your heart and mind that you do want to help out and that you do care.I am Ria Tyagi,14 and this is my essay on poverty.



A High school student, who loves to express through writing!

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    un-believable level of under standing . even PG pass out most Indian would not have this much clarity of ideas 🙂 I would like to discuss more with you

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