Hello everybody, my name is Freedom, and actually I’m not a person but an idea in someone’s head, started few years ago when there was that huge wall in front of my owner who didn’t notice it when she was a child,a and as she grew up the wall started getting bigger and bigger, started to restrict her activities and spaces but  when it tried to get into her treasures (her mind and thoughts) and control them that when the red alert was activated. Since then She’s been working on gathering a strong team for attacking the huge wall and destroy it, and as she categorized the people she met into different types, we will be talking here about the worst two only. So, in your opinion would any one be worse than a person who neither uses his mind nor lets others live the way the like?

You might say “no” but definitely I say “yes”, and I call this worst type ” The half-mind users” they pretend they believe in the concept of equality between all humans, men and women BUT they defend the women like if they are weak and afraid, like they are waiting for someone to help, and I want them to understand that the concept of equality is based on respecting others as partners on this planet, and to completely understand this phrase:

To defend others, on the grounds that they are weak and incapable of defending themselves, is the only thing worse than injustice itself.

The main problem I’m looking to solve is that thousands of girls are being raised on the concepts of hiding behind men and isolating themselves from the outside world because they cannot take the right decisions or even choose their lives’ path, we’ve been facing those ideas since primary school and till now in the college, I just wonder how could a girl, who is taught to shut her thoughts and voice up, dream big? when she doesn’t even have the right to choose her life’s main choices such as the career and the marriage, many generations are being destroyed by such ideas and we have to change this stereotype. Firstly we have to change the way we look at the problem, because once the girl is confident and strong by herself no one can destroy her even a family or a community.

18 year-old college student from Iraq, working hard to accomplish my goals in both science and social changing.

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