Can we actually? This is a question that keeps spinning in our heads as our society takes the “down way”. The formation of current societies shows signs of hostility, anonymity, indifference, violence, and injustice. Criminality rates rise every day, discrimination and prejudice rule among people so as the interest in personal profit. This constitutes one of the issues that United Nations pursues to solve via Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Why do we actually need peace and justice? Is it really necessary? I suppose there is no doubt about it.

Only benefits derive from a peaceful and just environment where every citizen is actually included in the society and no social groups are marginalized. People experience economic growth and cultural evolution as production can work freely, leading to social prosperity as well as education and arts evolve due to freedom of speech, press and human expression. A significant benefit of peace and justice is the establishment of democracy and its values (equality, freedom, respect, dialogue) within society and the formation of active and well-informed citizens. Last but not least, except social balance, continuity, and coherence by promoting collectivity, peace contributes in personal evolution because as Plato said: “If society thrives then even the poorest and depressed person will sense prosperity.”

After having realized the penetrable effects of peace in our lives, it is the time we learned what will happen if we don’t achieve our goal…Human casualties and destructions from wars or increased criminality and juvenile delinquency will be a catastrophic result if peace no longer exists. In addition to that, we will be circled by everyday rights violation and injustice which will devastate human psychology and ideals bringing civilization backwardness and driving social prosperity to a deadlock. At the same time, discrimination will become a daily issue with many people getting marginalized and excluded from society.

This small “research” shall we say, I believe will help us realize next, why strong institutions are needed as mentioned in UN goal.

“Peaceful, just and inclusive societies are necessary to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals” (From United Nations Why it matters Goal 16).In other words, strong institutions are the means of ascertaining peaceful social environment. We first muster institutions to uphold this initiative. Well – designed, organized and goal-based associations and organizations have the potential to ensure the dominance of peace in our world using all-inclusive justice services with less bureaucracy. Decision making should also be empowered by everyone, be based on understanding and should not only profit a particular group of people. This can be possible if different people’s needs are included and taken into consideration in decision-making processes trying in this way to satisfy social needs.

There are a lot of ways to contribute to the effort of United Nations. To start with, apart from the international community, Nations separately can develop cooperation in all levels meaning economy, culture, environment, and education and create strong, impartial, objective justice system, endorsing respect and trust between government and citizen and also between nations as well. In addition, Media have the responsibility to restrict nationalistic content in broadcast news and in the same way eliminate racist behavior among society. Education has also the potential to cultivate people. It offers the knowledge, the opportunities and the critical thinking so as to produce the right beliefs and attitudes of young citizens.

And from that, we pass to the younger generation. Young people, despite their open-minded behavior, their desire for more information and exploring the world around them, do not actually “work for” peace and justice. What should we do? Wake up! Simple steps can help out the state of affairs. As persons, we are able to support principles and morals like dignity, respect, solidarity and social interest. By behaving in this manner, we urge more and more people to act accordingly and reassure peaceful and fair atmosphere between citizens. Next, take action. Young people should compose the force of change and freedom around the world. An important role plays the humanitarian education that young people have received and how up to date they are. If we guarantee these elements, then younger generation can be part of the solution in favor of peace, justice, and strong institutions and achieve this global goal.

Based on the mentioned review above, we should also refer to how corporations can contribute to complete SDGs and especially the goals that concern this article. As already pointed out earlier, simple steps done by businesses can help spread peace and justice slowly around the world. Let’s give some examples: If a business hires employees without taking into consideration their religious or sexual orientation, their nationality or even their skin color then they combat discrimination and promote justice. Another example would be fair payments. Corporations have to be equal when addressing to male payment and women payment. In this way, they promote parity in the working area. Another good way is to adopt non-discriminatory policies for their operation. Collaboration spirit with governments and other corporations is again of paramount worth. Finally, corporations and businesses ought to present true data to public services in order to support justice among citizens and help institutions in charge.

In conclusion, in today’s society we encounter issues that were thought to be solved but now they have reappeared. Having as a motive the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations and with the situation calling for immediate action, we have to be mobilized and attempt to promote in every way peace, justice and strong institutions around the world as well as the rest of SGDs. We, youngsters, also have the ability to contribute in our specific way but also corporations are able to have a say in this initiative. One thing is certain: if we don’t do anything then conditions will get worse and will reach an irreversible state. 


High school student , love music and singing , aspiring to a career in International relations.

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  1. felicityeffyadams says:

    Hope all young people would think like this

  2. Elena says:

    Excellent article!!!!!!!

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