POVERTY- A general scarcities of basic necessuties of life is called poverty. The basic necessities include food, shelter,clothing,healthcare,sani-tion,etc.

RELATIVE POVERTY- This the condition of ineqality compared to the general population of society.

Sone of the issues which are related to poverty are Landlessness,Unemployment, Size of families,Illetracy,Poor health/Malnutrition,Child labour and Helplessness

POVERTY AS SEEN BY SOCIAL SCEINTIST- Income and level of consumption are the usual indicators of poverty.But many social scentist view poverty from many other parameters;like illitercy,lack of general resistance due to malnutrition,lack of access to safe drinking water and sanitation,etc.


Poverty also results in social exclusion of the affected population. Apoor person is ussally is barred from enjoying certain basic pleasures of life which the people in the mainstream society are able to enjoy. Many people are not allowed to participate in various social function because they are poorhttp://www.excellup.com/classnine/sstnine/povertynine.aspx 

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