.                          Poverty is considered to be state of being extremely poor well it’s just a general yet incomplete definition it is a”major setback for country in many fields”. Even in 1st world countries there are thousands of families living in abject poverty. Why?

Poverty pertains worldwide but is still neglected. One needs to understand the need to remove it as it is root cause for injustice,discriminations in society,suicide and smuggling cases ,violation of laws and mafia being established which are a serious setback for the country.

Poverty and prosperity are indirectly linked when one increases the other falls rapidly. With reference to World Bank’s report poverty lines have boosted up to extremes…..no country can deny the fact that nearly in every nook and corner of the world poverty exists like a fungi eating a country away…

When a person is deprived of necessities i-e: food ,education,shelter and living he/she tries to achieve them through any possible means just like a starving animal with desperate need to kill and eat, the person often commits crimes and violates laws to gain them quickly to save their beloved ones from sour life experience they had been through…..with lack of funds one can’t eat enough ,suffers from diseases and often sleep starving, such are left far behind in the world race for success and thus head toward “easy” way …either commit suicide or joins a mafia this causes unrest in society and also poors rights are often denied hence creating social discrimination and injustice…..

How to end it?…..in order to do so it should be most prior agenda in order for a country to have a prosperous and harmonious future …..rich and middle should help such deprived ones out and World Bank needs to help the poorest countries and allow them to participate in anti-poverty agendas in order to have better understanding of “what poverty actually is” ….

  • When one sleeps a peaceful sleep,knows there is hope in new coming day and that one day their life gonna turn out to be their ideal life one is motivated and filled with zest, zeal  and compassion to workout their problems out… and learn the hard way of life .

2 Comments » for Poverty….slow poison for the country
  1. Fayth Armstrong says:

    Guys give this article a try ….and lemme know your views ????

  2. Janeece says:

    That’s a wet-hthougll-out answer to a challenging question

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