poverty is one of the red hot topics being discussed by every second person around. I have been assigned about 17 topics to write my essay on any one but i have chosen POVERTY so as to enlighten few of the important points. What is poverty? many people breathing in this globe have actually no idea about what poverty actually is. how it feels like. And some of them are aware of this anxiety just because of our rapidly growing media.

Poverty is basically about not having enough food, money and having a lack of each and every primary resource required to step forward to live.
As Palas Kumar Ray described it in his poem “poverty”
Lot of hunger and having no food is poverty,
Not having spare cloth to take bath is poverty,
Needing a shelter but not having one is poverty,
Child’s sick but can not buy treatment, is poverty,
Fainting child dreaming a mouthful of rice is poverty
Searching warmth in cold flesh in winter nights, is poverty,
Sitting with umbrella on wetting bed in showering night, is poverty,
Thoughtful mother, two mouthful of rice and three children, is poverty

My question is why poverty is actually a problem to this widening global system? to the people who transformed this huge ball inhabiting beings into a small global village? to the people who invented the bomb out of single atom? if the world banded together there would be no task we couldn’t accomplish. But the actual woe is basically the separated and scattered nations are living here on one world. Like how China made out from poverty to be one of the greatest nations. How this magical revolution made its way out? It was because they acted upon by the great saying United we stand, divided we fall. They forgot to discriminate the rich from the poor and work on the strength of their arms.
Poverty is not an accident like slavery and apartheid,
it is man made and can be removed by the actions of human beings
Nelson Mandela
poverty has been the part of our society, it is shadowing the shelters of the poor. Poverty arises whenever the rich are considered superior to the poor. Unfortunately, poverty is often an invisible problem. The voices of the poor are seldom heard. And what makes me feel like writing about poverty is the unwillingness of our society to deal with this preventable problem and how politicians who rule the country pretend that poverty is simply a given human existence – a force of nature – unstoppable and eternal. almost all the countries are suffering from this disease and the worst part is that nobody takes a stand. Nobody is ready to stand united.

Afghanistan is the top listed country in the line of poverty. I am a Pakistani and i will definitely like to talk about Pakistan as one of the poverty-stricken nation of the world. The independence of Pakistan is one of the highlighted topics in the history of Muslims. Pakistan has been separated from the subcontinent in order to save the identity of Muslims. millions of the Indian Muslims were recorded to travel to Pakistan and then arose the problem which is still overwhelming in this nation.
Poverty in Pakistan has fallen dramatically, independent bodies supported estimates of a considerable fall in the statistic by the 2007-08 fiscal year, when it was estimated that 17.2% of the total population lived below the poverty line.

The declining trend in poverty as seen in the country during the 1970s and 1980s was reversed in the 1990s by poor federal policies and rampant corruption. This phenomenon has been referred to as the “poverty bomb”. In 2001, the government was assisted by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in preparing the Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper that suggests guidelines to reduce poverty in the country. According to a report submitted by Ministry of Planning and Development in the National Assembly of Pakistan, about 29.5% Pakistani lived below the poverty line which translates into 55 million people. This reflects the dilemma of a pathetic situation prevailing in Pakistan.

As of 2009, Pakistan’s Human Development Index (HDI) is 0.572, higher than that of nearby Bangladesh’s 0.543, which was formerly a part of the country itself. Pakistan’s HDI still stands lower than that of neighboring India’s at 0.612.

Wealth distribution in Pakistan can vary, with the top 10% of the population earning 27.6% and the bottom 10% earning only 4.1% of the income. According to the United Nations Human Development Report, Pakistan’s human development indicators, especially those for women, fall significantly below those of countries with comparable levels of per-capita income. Pakistan also has a higher infant mortality rate (88 per 1000) than the South Asian average (83 per 1000). Pakistan generally has a low Gini co-efficient and therefore a relatively even distribution of income.

As of 2015, the Asian Development Bank reports that there are 191.71 million people living in Pakistan. In 2011, 12.4% of Pakistanis live below in Pakistan’s definition of poverty. Statistics vary due to the definition of poverty. According to the World Bank, poverty in Pakistan fell from 64.3% in 2002 to 29.5% in 2014. Pakistan has made substantial progress in reducing poverty giving it the second lowest headcount poverty rate in South Asia.

Even worse case is being faced by Indians. At present, 28.5% of the Indian population lives below the poverty line. In the category of poor falls the people whose daily income is less than 33 rupees a day in cities and 27 rupees a day in villages.

It should be eradicated from the roots of the global system so as to bring reforms we all have to stand united. some of the countries like United States and United Kingdom have surplus supplies of food and opportunities for the young and old to earn for their families while other nations like Afghanistan and Bangladesh are starving to death.
We make up the world.We,when together can get rid of poverty. We must make it our obligation to stand holding the hands in hands and beat all the woes including POVERTY.

i am a pre medical student who has aims of reforming the whole world and making it a peaceful place to live.

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