Have you ever imagine the world without poverty? Is it  possible to make world without poverty?  What would it be like?                        

  Whenever I mentioned this in people they told it is your impossible dream, but as my opinion we should try to make it happen.              

“It’s going to happen because I am going to make it happen”                                       -Ratan Tata.        

I think everyone should respect this thought to fulfill this dream. I imagine the world without poverty. To me that would be everyone with their families and homes who are happy with them.There would not be any differences between kids which are from lower class or upper class, streets without beggers. There will be only two class, high class and middle class, no trible group.

For this dream we should contribute our parts of income use for micro-credit (small loan) which we give to poors for short period. Whenever I mentioned this to people about micro-credit they ask me “would it really works?” I think it really works because people take loan from banks but it has higher interest rate which they will not accept micro-credt. Today 22,000 childrens die each day from hunger related diseases and 805 million people don’t have food to eat. Every year leaders take pledge that they will make their country povertyless, but this goal wouldn’t be achieve by them, because of less contribution of people. In such competative world, everyone are busy with their work, there is no time to think about poors. Poverty is the major issue of undeveloped countries. It mostly seems in south african countries like Niger, central african republic,Burundi,Liberia,Malawi. These countries are undeveloped because of poverty. Lack of education services,lack of health care facilities, unemployement facilities these are the results of  poverty. If  every country gives access to education then they will make platform to get/creat jobs for another peoples. In undeveloped countries there is no platform to get job because of lack of industries which are results of unemployement. Unlike other countries like Singapore,Norway,UAE who are the developed countries. They make their own products by utilizing natural resources for the growth of GDP. There is less number of poors. If every country follow this countries they will be able to creat their own jobs.              

Every country organize international games and spend lot of money on sportpersons and sports. If they use this money on poors it will be reduce some poverty.                    

Remedies to reduce poverty:  Creat jobs, Raise wages, increased the earned income tax and give credit to child workers, support paid leave and paid in sick days, establish work schedules that works.                                  

Can we really create the world without poverty?                                          

Yes we can, as like we make countries with democracy. There  weren’t in previous decades but we can make it happen.

So, lets take a pledge towards poverty which we can make this world povertyless.

The girl with high ambitions....

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  1. Nakul NT says:

    Nice.. ???

  2. Basna Hakkim says:

    Wow. Very good words.

  3. Jagruti bhamare says:

    Its a gereat imagination and good

  4. Sanjay patil says:

    Woow !! Good job i hope your dream come true

  5. Josephine says:

    You are so inspiring! Keep it up ? i hope that many people read this n then realize that we can make our world povertyless

  6. harshada thete says:

    Thats good idea but you need to use some diiffernt words instead of simple

  7. Tron says:

    Nice thoughts …
    You have to add for human resource also…
    If a country utilizes it’s human resource…then poverty level can be decline …

  8. Pooja patil says:

    Good idea, i wish your imagination come true

  9. Pooja patil says:

    Nice idea

  10. Yukta Patil says:

    This essay is very excellent.

  11. Subodd says:

    Nice thoughts…. keep it up…best wishes from my side too.

  12. Arshdeep Kaur says:

    Nice ??

  13. Shivjee Pratap lal says:

    Gd one..keep it up?

  14. Adrian says:

    Wow this is inspiring

  15. Caio Pessôa says:

    Great Topic to bring it up. A difficult dream to make it come true but we just got to believe and do our best. Keep it up.

  16. Mansoor Khan says:

    Yes ! We can do that ?

  17. Amin says:

    There is no any reference mentioned for statistical data.

  18. Sujeet Singh says:

    You have chosen a great topic ,we should do work on it,I m Ver impressed by you vina

  19. Jyoti bhamare says:

    Woow, your way to express poverty is good
    Keep it up

  20. Shambhavi says:

    Well done! Nicely composed…

  21. Vina bhamare says:

    You try well, I like you thought. Well done.

  22. Navas says:

    I liked it. It has some good ideas.

  23. Nana Amankwaa Iyke says:

    That’s quietly good…
    keep it up…!

  24. Elliyana says:

    I like your thoughts..

  25. Ratan Raj says:

    I mean wonderful really.

  26. enockey says:

    So nice and goog idea

  27. Balaji says:

    Good one……
    Keep going .

  28. Sahara yusufija says:

    Good thoughts.. But u need to take it lenghty…

  29. Dilshan Marasinghe says:

    wow Vinu, it’s amazing! I really loved everything u said in there. Great work Vinu ? Job well done ?

  30. abdirizak says:

    well done, your dream may come true

  31. Afkar Ahamed says:

    Very good one ☝️ Really this essay speaks a lot of truth about the current world. Especially the one about wasting money on sports and all ???

  32. Saikat Gangopadhyay says:

    Really confronting thoughts​u got there ,quite a writer u r…?

  33. Ayub 22 says:

    Good job !

  34. Vinu patil. says:

    Thank you your comments are appreciate me

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