I think, that if the people are educated, the country will develop and prosper. Long time ago I heard one quote and I consider it absolutely correct: ” The army can protect us today. The economy can feed us tomorrow. But only education will make us strong the day after tomorrow.” All problems, disagreements are due to the fact that people do not have a mind. To reach top of the culture, people must constantly self-educate theirselves. This world needs people who care for others and lead others. Only then the people will stop to be a crowd and there will be individuals in the world. 

I would like to talk about my country and be extremely honest. I think many problems that exist in our education system will find response in other countries too, because even in the most develop countries the education system is not always ideal.  And goverment should pay the special attention to this area, beginning with preschool education and ending with postgaduate education. 

  1. Bad teachers.

Students waste almost half their lives to study different disciplines, but for some reasons the results are deplorable. They do not understand subject at school, university and forced to attend additional classes on a fee basis. What does it mean? The problem is most of teachers either do not know how or do not want to educate. What to do? Stimulate teachers through increase of wages. In my country teachers get about 100-300 dollars in one month. Imagine how this money can help to them if they rent a house, have loans, kids. I am not even talking about those teachers who is just starting their career. After all this, of course, they do not want to teach, even they probably do not want to come to school. It is important to increase their salary, because the intellectual, cultural, moral state of society depends on them. And there is one more problems about teachers, they do not know how to teach. How to solve this ? The goverment should conduct more trainings, master classes and conferences where teachers can receive practical knowledge how to teach and how to motivate students. 

2. Financial difficulties. 

In our world there are a lot of talented and gifted students, but unfortunately only a small part of these people can develop and use their abilities. This problem caused me so much pain and tears. My family cannot afford to help me with my dreams to study at the best universities in the world , because our main problem is financial condition. I passed all exams, applied to financial aid, but could not get a grant and could not study where I want. Now I am studying in university for a fee. My parents can not afford to spend money on me, so I am earn extra money by working without day off. Some students work in the evenings and nights and just sleep during classes. But I am local, but in my university there are not local students, they rent a flats and have to pay 100-200 dollars each month for that flat. Also students have to spend money on busses, taxies, meals. Where do they get it all from? Study at afternoon, work at night – will it bring pleasure and joy in life? And what kind of knowledge does the students get? The goverment should care about youth, they are future of this world. We must do everything to grow from them educated, cultural people. We have to make education accessible and interesting for everyone by reducing the payment for tuition in schools and universities, creating good conditions for studying and only then students could contribute to the development of country and all the world will prosper and there will not be a lot of problems that we now have. 

We have to give to students:

  1. ability to study where they want, despite the financial situation
  2. opportunity to develop spiritually, morally, creatively
  3. give grants and scholarships
  4. training patriotism in them and make from them global citizens
  5. personality formation

Quality education is our future! Together let`s stand against illiteracy!

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