Since when did the colours on our skin, speak louder than the words that lie within?

A pigment. It is the barrier that segregates our nation into tiny compact boxes, while their intelligence and beauty mercilessly asphyxiates in front of their own eyes. What if I told you everything you knew about race wasn’t true? What if I told you that race was created by society just because they were greedy for superiority?

Let’s take an example of former president Mr. Barack Obama. To some he was “too Black”. For others, he was “not Black enough”. His ethnicity was debated by numerous people. The fact that there exists disagreement proves the essence of my previous statement: race is a social construction with no true or absolute biological basis. If we can disagree about whether someone is of Race X or Y, and if there are rules to follow for putting us in a confined little box (e.g., based on social status, slave history), and if it varies so vastly through time and cultures (e.g., US vs. South Africa), then we are dealing with a social construct not a biological one.

Giving someone a box to check and a place to sit is not going to make you seem stronger. Strength comes in numbers.

Segregating a person from society not due to their abilities but simply their complexion is not injustice; it’s a crime. You have stolen away the person’s opportunity to express themselves without preconceived judgments and present to you their real personality. The word genocide would not even exist if someone had not been mindless enough to wipe out an entire race of people without a plausible reason other than that they didn’t like them. The word racism would not even exist if we hadn’t acted so ignorantly and built this creation which has had detrimental effects on lives because someone felt as if there should be more barriers to an already socially restricted world. The word segregation would not exist if we had not labelled people with such scrutiny and banned people from certain countries from living in certain places. Well now all of these terms exist in our world, and they are permanently taking their place in the news stories we see weekly.

 You go out shopping to the mall for a new pair of jeans let’s say. You can choose between an array of brands whether it’s American Eagle or Hollister or wherever you decide to shop. What truly matters about the jeans is whether they are comfortable, durable and wearable. At the end of the day you could put any random label on it but it won’t change how long the jeans will last.  The label is useless.Then tell me why has society decided to give so much significance to these frivolous objects? These labels, these things people stick to us mindlessly without mentally noticing it are so meaningless and they fail to remember the fact that that’s just what they are. Meaningless labels. Not a golden plaque or a tattoo across your forehead. Just a label. The irony is that they are not even physical objects. They do not define who we are on the inside. Only we can define who we are. Only we can make that decision. Only we can express our true personality. What you see on the outside of me is by no means what is on the inside of me. My true colour is who I am. Who I am as a person. What goals I want to achieve. What morals I have. I am who I want to be and my skin colour will never mean anything but from the fact that it is the colour of my skin. Weird right? 

I have a dream. 

Martin Luther King Jr. A man full of motivation who evoked hope in countless hearts on the day of August 28th 1963.  If he were alive today then I would tell him that I have the same dream. I dream that all of us can live together without these filters surrounding us and masking us from who we want to be. How did we get here? How did we build so many walls? 4 days ago a young black man named Rashan Charles was KILLED by a police officer because the 20 year old apparently was a “drug dealer”. There are no reports that show that Charles was a criminal and had substances which he had the “intent to supply”. Paracetamol and caffeine were found in his throat and are obviously far from illegal. If our society goes on like this then how are we meant to live together as one population?

To me, and perhaps to you after this article, there is only one true race. The human race. We must focus on this race, the one that exsits rather than creating our own minuscule Ines. 

Your true colour is not your skin. It is who you are.

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29 Comments » for Racism: My true color is who I am
  1. Mavendra says:

    Its a very deep and meaning-full piece of art.

  2. Steph says:

    so well written i didnt understand some words but absolutely amazingggg ❤️❤️

  3. Amber waite says:

    Truelly amazing

  4. Alayna Fernandes says:

    Wow! That is so good, I agree fully ???????? as I am someone who is coloured (brown) I do personally agree with some of your statements as I experience, so thank you for vocalising how I feel. X

  5. Goolcher Navdar says:

    Excellent observations. V well written Aditi. God bless the young generation. You guys are the changemakers.

  6. Sangeeta says:

    It’s an awesome article.Very well written .True depiction of what is happening in the world .

  7. Steph says:

    love this so much. touched my heart

  8. Anisha Khanna says:

    In absolute agreement!! … your color is not your skin its who you are….so true

  9. Sangeeta says:

    This article is well written amd true depiction of what is happening in the world.

  10. Narinder Singh Bharel says:

    Well said. The thoughts, ideas and feelings represent the urge being felt by a large section of humanity. But rightly said it is the game play of meagre few who are controlling the social thread for petty greedy and mean aims that they want to achieve.

    • Aditi says:

      I’m so glad you read it! Thanks you so much. I definitely agree that we need to eradicate this greediness which is in our society

  11. Suchi says:

    very inspirational and beautiful written, touched my heart. i’m so proud of you addy❤️

  12. Maya says:

    So proud of you Aditi!! This article really is amazing and a lot of people in the comments seem to agree 🙂

  13. Mattias says:

    The best racism thing

  14. Eleisha says:

    Addy this is incredible. Such profound and beautiful writing, with every word chosen to make an impact. You’ve done it for me, and I can say for so many other people too❤

  15. Maria Da Costa says:

    Beautifully written!

  16. Dr.Sharma says:

    It’s an heartfelt amazing article.

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