By definition, gender equality is a state of equal access between men and women to obtain opportunities and human resources without any limitations and regardless of gender. However, It is a glaring fact that gender equality has been one of the most serious problems for most women and girls all around the globe to deal with. It has been a widespread issue since several hundred years ago and is getting more intense in the current years. The United Nation; therefore, establishes 17 goals of Sustainable Development Goals in which this equality lies on point 5. The main purpose of reaching the equality is to help women and girls fighting for their right, achieving the gender’s parity, and empowering them in all aspects of lives.

The Sustainable Development Goals say that women and girls make up nearly half of the world’s population and automatically demonstrate women and girls’ potential contributions. If there is a proper treatment for every women and girls, They are believed to have the power to help the economic growth of a country, decrease poverty, and lead to more prosperous life. However, the reality that inequality between men and women still exists makes some barriers in favor of education, right, political position, public access, etc. Although, according to the survey carried out by UN, approximately 143 countries have inserted policy about gender equality to their constitutes, there are also 52 countries remained which have not yet. The bulk of women and girls in those countries are still facing some problem to get a better life.

On the other hand, gender parity is the fundamental aspect of human right which deserves for every people with no exception of women and girls as a whole. A number of discriminations; however, which are in the field of parity have occurred and opposed to women and girls’ right. The first is the lack of higher education that women can obtain in comparison with men. Mostly women in remote areas in Indonesia; for instance, are still not well-educated. They have a stereotype that getting a higher education will not have a significant impact and therefore it will solely waste the tuitions which have to pay. As the consequence, women and girls in those countries do not have the power to act more in their society.

The inequalities, moreover, cause other emergencies that in fact women and girls are often forced to have marriage at an early age. The existence of premature marriage for women and girls itself is in the light of ancient people’s assumption. They think that the role of women in society is just doing households, taking care of their children, and serving for their husbands. It seems like women and girls do not have space to give more significant contributions. Though, compared to men, women and girls are believed to have the ability to manage time more efficiently which can lead to a better result of a duty and finish it more quickly for saving time. Furthermore, they are capable of thinking critically which is likely, when they are permitted to enter the political position, able to assist the degradation of the financial crisis over the country, decrease poverty, and empower their female people in the battle against gender inequivalence.

Besides, violence and sexual abuse are also the problems which appear when the state of equality of men is still above women. A series of surveys show that 35% women and girls from all around the world have experienced violence, rapist, and sexual abuse either by strangers or their intimate partners. Ultimately, the worse things may occur as the following consequences. Women and girls who have been physically or sexually abused are more than twice possible to have an abortion which can endanger their life. Depression; in addition, is potentially happened to those victims which can remain their life in the dark. Another problem they receive is some viruses such HIV and AIDS which will threaten women and girls’ healthy and probably can bring them to the end of their life.

Thus, since gender equality is a fundamental human right, every people should realize that neither ones who are the most powerful on this planet. Women and men are equal in everything. They have to respect to one another. The barriers between men and women must be wiped off in order to achieve a better life. Some solutions, therefore, have been proposed to maintain a united front on how to fight against disparities. For example, by educating females about the importance of equality between men and women, campaigning it through message and slogans, promoting it through sport and so on. The advancement of gender equality will let a better society, education, economic, international affair, political, harmony in life come in the bright future.

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