Seeking a moral society

Freedom, life, poperty and the principle of non-aggression (you can do everything as long as it does not harm another individual) should be the ideals that “govern” a society, in a society each individual should have their opinion and collectivism should not be taken so much into account, because If an individual does not harass anyone (even when he/she is self harming) he/she can do anything and no one else can force him to do something without his approval.

Nowadays, the institution that takes the liberty of individuals, interferes in the life of others and attacks everyone unnoticed is the state, this institution is made to command a land space and the individuals who are there, violate their freedom, dictate their rights and steal part of your property.

 Libertarianism is a philosophy that defends the principle of non-aggression, the Austrian teachings of economics. The unic moral solution for our society is that we can not let the state remain an immoral and illogical institution because that institution harm the individual (Anarcho-capitalism).

Tax is theft and the state is the gang

The state in Brazil takes 40% of the property conquered by the individual without it agreeing in a systematic way, the state has no purpose from the moment we can do everything that the state offers privately without giving anything to a harmful institution, this is better for everyone, because we could do what we wanted voluntarily.

The services provided by the state rob all individuals and apply corporatism that breaks the economy, we could simply pay to the company for voluntary payment of the people who will benefit from this service, for example: a group of residents wants to ply the street where they live then they voluntarily pay for the company that offers the best product at the best price, thus applying capitalism and the free market.

Free Market

The less the state interferes with the Market, the more the market can be free and grow with competition for services and prices, this causes an improvement in the quality of services and a fall in product prices, for example: if the water distribution industry had A free market would be a greater concern with the water course that is used for water treatment, the price would be lowered, and the service would be improved so that consumers buy their product instead of the competing product ending the state monopoly.

Regulation and prohibition of services interfere with the market and discourage the invention of new systems and competition in the market, for example: Musician creates a system to save water, but gains an extra fee in Goiás. In this case man has created an optimal system for Environment that could create jobs and even a new job market, increase incomes for several families and save water.

Regulation and prohibition of services interfere with the market and discourage the invention of new systems, competition in the market and job creation, for example: “Musician creates system to save water, but gains extra tax in Goiás / BR”. In this case man has created an environmentally friendly system that could create jobs and even a new job market, increase incomes for several families and save water,but he was proibited.

Privatized education would not have the doctrine that is currently being done by state educational systems, parents would decide the kind of education offered to their children, freeing up all kinds of education, even home schooling..

Private justice

The law is the collective organization of the individual right of self-defense, the law made by the government is perverted to its interests by repeatedly inflicting the principle of non-aggression, the law should be used only to stop an aggression, ie there is only crime, When there is a victim, private justice would have the advantage of if a law is perverted there is the possibility of changing service, if a company makes an immoral decision its reputation will be tarnished and customers will not trust such a company.

The penalties would be made for restitution by means of capital, if an individual commits a crime he pays for this crime with capital, if the crime is heinous the debt for the victim or his family will be a debt that far surpasses the income of the criminal, if He does not pay he will no longer have the right to justice because he will have a stained reputation.

A system similar to this was used in medieval Europe without a government, but instead of companies this work was done by families, this system was sustained for 2000 years.

Civil armament

Without civilian armament there is no way to react to an armed robbery, the crime rate usually drops when the carrying of weapons is legalized, it is simple self-defense which would reduce the rate of homicide, since the victims of a crime would have a Way to protect yourself from an armed crime.

The monopoly of arms between police and thieves is not healthy for the defense of a society.

An example of a decrease in gun-related homicides fell by 39% thanks to the release of weapons is the United States.



A mother does not have the right to take the life of her child even though she is a fetus, this takes away the right of the fetus to have a life, the mother can put the baby to adoption, but can not take away his/her right to live.


Governments are currently learning from the Austrian school of economics, an example being the current US president who spoke publicly that he would cut off 75 percent of corporate bureaucracy, would cut business spending by more than a trillion dollars in the United States, Or has taken an attitude where the state distances itself from the market, thus allowing it to grow freely.

Even though the state is unacceptable the government continues, but the less government interferes in people’s lives the better.

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