Maintaining a healthy body is not that easy and not so difficult also.Health is a huge and many-faceted area of a human life.Among all questions related to our body,health must overcome all other aspects and be the center to all answers.Although many people may often harm themselves,there are some simple advices,which will help us all,stay healthy and fit.


At first remember that the rational nutrition plays a significant role.The everyday food supports our bodies and balances our health.Thus,it is important for our organism to be fed with all kinds of food.Natural vitamins could be a beneficial solution here.There are a lot of high-quality vitamins in fresh greens and non-polluted vegetables and that’s why we should consume them almost everyday.They are very useful for adults as well as for children.If you will not eat any vitamins,then your organism will be weak and vulnerable to sickness.


Always there is a need to be healthy because an unhealthy body will be attacked by many diseases.Avoid eating junk food.It does not contain any nutrients so there is no point in consuming them.Make sure you are having breakfast regularly,it will help you save energy for the rest of the day.Moreover,you should totally drink more water.Eight (8) glasses of water per day are enough to keep you hydrated and healthy.


The Mediterranean Diet is recognized as a multidimensional commodity,including agriculture and fisheries,agricultural products and food,production methods,food preparation,the countryside and the man himself.


The Mediterranean Diet is a social practice,a set of skills,knowledge and traditions which are transmitted from generation to generation,in time and space,remaining closely tied to history,culture and customs.The Mediterranean Diet is characterized as a food standard that has remained stable in time and space,consisting mainly of olive oil,cereals,fresh or dried fruits and vegetables,a modest amount of fish,dairy products and meat,all accompanied by wine or beverages,always respecting the religious imperatives of each community.


Unfortunately,nowadays nutrition has become a commercialization object that companies take advantage of against people who want to cook faster everyday.That is why processed food is launched more often.


Exercise also influences the body health.Systematic exercise will keep you fit too.Your blood will flow easier and your organism will function naturally.It is important to exercise with passion and not only go for a small walk around the corner.You can go for running,do cycling,maybe take up a new activity such as basketball or swimming.A 30-40 minute exercise per day is advantageous for your health and it also keeps your weight in a balance.Also Aristotle described laughter as “a bodily exercise precious to health”.


Information about nutritional choices and the value of physic exercise should be given in to such a degree to highlight the beneficial aspect of the healthy routine to an individual’s life,but without giving the impression that these choices are aimed at gaining an unrealistic physique.


Moreover teachers and parents are obligated to cooperate and set a main goal : the establishment of a healthy perception about the nutrition and fitness issue,so that the new generations do not have to experience the maladies that sedentary life brings upon.Correspondingly the same should be the awareness concerning the acceptance of the human being and also ourselves.


In my opinion health is really significant.It is easy to destroy it,but then it is very hard and sometimes even impossible,to rebuild it.So,that will be wise to take care of your health today! People have free will to make the choice in favor of health.


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