People are people, animals are animals, so as with trees, plants, and things. We do all have value in this life, in this world actually. We, people are the one who is the most capable among all. Some of us just don’t know it. Do they really don’t know it? or they just dont care? But still yes we are.

    A lot of things are going through around us. Poverty, killings, corruption, abuse, judgement and criticizing. Don’t you ever think that maybe you’re one of the reasons why it was happening? Maybe yes and maybe no, but how come do i know? Maybe unless im one of them too, but as i pound deeper into my thoughts, one thing stands out the most, Inequality.

   Inequality in its different forms and effects to us, not only us but the world. We naturally have this things called envy, jealousy, and hatred in our veins, at some point of our lives. But do we really have to show it off? or can we just shove it off? This issue is widely and fastly spreading accross the globe, believe it or not, we also have them in ourselves.

   Inequality in terms of gender and capabilities may seem pretty much obvious as of todays generation. Some men under estimating women, some cool kids blunty degrading the geeks and meeks, some girls pushing away other girls just because of their sense of fashion and boys tripping on other boys just to show their authority. This is how I see the world now, like competition is a ‘must’ to survive and to be great. Even some parents are showing this kind of issue with their kids, maybe that’s why some third sex are being afraid to admit it, or confess to their family. They are afraid that as they show and tell them who they are, they may not belong to the family anymore, and be an outcast of their own love ones. They cannot fully express their actions and feelings towards other people because they are afraid of being judge and criticize. But still they will always be a part of our family, community, country, world and even us. No matter who you are and what gender you are, either men, women, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, you are still a human that needs and has the right to be respected as much as how the others deserve to be. Gender will never be enough to estimate and ground what you can do and achieve in this world.

     Inequality in terms of social status. At some nations, this things is clearly outspoken but in others maybe quite pretentious. People who came from a poor family, can’t socialize or marry someone who is has higher status than them as well as those rich people that can’t be surrounded by those who has lower status than them. People who are uneducated are being maltreated and never given a chance to prove themselves, and instead of helping them, those people around them rub it on their face that they are nothing more than just a worthless pathetic people, that cannot be someone who they want to be.

   Inequality in terms of plants and animals and other little creature made in this world. This may seem a little unimportant but it is, and it has a great impact to us. I always think that people are not the only one who is suffering from inequality, but also them. We people less care about them, usually in the aspects of their habbitat. Some of us don’t even notice that we are taking away their home and family with our desires, not only that but also their chance of survival and having their own family. Sometimes we only think of them as our resources but not as our needs. They also have life and needs that we need to respect and give to them. Big and small, they are all important to us because they are the one who is balancing our life, so treat them equally as much as they need us.

    Inequality in terms of justice and freedom. Races are meant to be different but not to be executed. Religion and beliefs are meant to be respected but not to be destructed. Rights and responsibilities are meant to be given and followed not to be neglected. Love is meant to be appreciated not to be taken for granted. Justice is meant to be serve with the truth not to be fooled by who rule. Freedom is meant to be expressed and not to be depressed. Things that are meant to be are sometimes set aside by our desires, that it almost blinded us for who and what we really are. Like how we treat different races, like how we tear those cultures and belief, like how we are being destroyed by our wants and now, like how we are being blinded to see the beauty each one of us behold. 

    Life is full of ‘if’ and ‘but’ and we should know how to deal with it. Being fair and equal with one another or anything is just a simple act that we all deserve to live with. Let’s not waste time and resources defining and finding our differences, because that differences completes the others emptiness. No matter how and why, where and what, can or cannot, do and don’t, should and should not, we will always be at same world that keeps living because of us. Keep loving ones differences because that’s what will made us worth living for.

2 Comments » for Still Under Equation
  1. Alyssa Mae S. Cagulada says:

    Very well said, alyssa. 🙂 ????

  2. Kjon says:

    As expected from Alyssa Mae Calpo.

    Great Job on making us aware of what we should be aware of and differentiate the wants and needs. 🙂
    keep up the good work 😀

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