talking about formal education problem. It is really interesting to talk about Indonesia. Large country with such a complicated education system. Curicullum change easily in this country,  government can change it anytime they feel that they should do it. The reason that always come out from their mouth is “for make Indonesia become better country “. But the truly happen in here is what they’ve act only make education in Indonesia become worse than before. 

     curicullum that easy to change only bring more harm to student it self.  Why? Because this curicullum changing usualy happen in midle semester, and it make Student hard to understand the material subject because they suddenly get different system when they already comfortable with the old one. And when the curicullum change it will be automatically Change also The study system, such as one of the rule with said that student should be really active to presentating in front of their friends, it still fine. But the rule which said that student should understand the material before their teacher explain to them. It is really cruel for majority of student in school because not all of them can understand the material by their self. How about their study?  How they get the knowledge? If like this, school only look like available for smart students only.  And also one of program in this curicullum is work group, one time is good for students to do their job together. But the wrong thing is when there are more than 6 teacher ask them to do work groups, with short deadline and different group.  It is really difficult for students and it is automatically wasting their rest time. 

    Indonesia education life also isn’t happen really good.  Here about 2.5 million children resign from their study with so many reason,  from economical problem until uncomfortable feeling when they studying. And here,  so many schools don’t have a good atmosphere for studying and it make Students feel not interest to studying. The other problem come from the teacher it self.  Teacher behavior really give impact to studying process.  There is nothing wrong when a teacher like to a smart students. But the problem come when the teacher really enjoy to teach “smart ” students until they forget about their real job for make all student smart.             If we compare Indonesia and Finland in education life.  Finland has so many break school time but they don’t give students too much task.  But in Indonesia we don’t have break school time enough but teacher give So many task.  And in Finland teacher take control more to not really smart students with reason the teacher want all student understand the material but in Indonesia teacher look more take control to smart student and look like deny not really good student and it is really bad. 

        and society paradigm also give big impact to student here.  Some bad things in student life happens because society. Such as when society to much orientating about score. Its make Student will do everything to get high score even do much students cheating to get high score.  There is no integrity in students soul anymore it lose only because Score. And also the other when society think “smart student is who get high rank in class more than that are no” .then how about the student who good in sport?  In art?  In the other except academic?  They will feel that all they have is useless and it’s really bad.  If it still be like this.  It will hard for Indonesia to keep their amazing generation.                                                                                We can see the reality when so many students choose to study abroad with so many reason about quality.  And in the end they will have job over there and they don’t want to back to Indonesia because they think if they are back they wouldn’t get good life as they get in abroad

4 Comments » for Student has been limitated by EDUCATION SYSTEM
  1. Anonymous says:

    Enjoy the moment, just do your best, learn much speaks when its needed, read anythings learn anythings. I think it’s all enough to fight that conditions in your country ^^

    • RoisatenNuril says:

      Thank you so much before ????
      And ya i dont really care about it to be honest And i dont always follow the rule ????

  2. Noor Ullah says:

    I am half Pakistani and half afghanistan. I am 19 years old and I love science. I have been in different schools in pakistan.I can tell you that pakistan has an immense problem with education, but we can help solve it, and in this essay, you can find some ideas that I have in mind. I have been raised in a privilege socio-economic background, and I have always attended high-achieving school. The problems addressed here are not about me. They are all about the people around the world.

    • RoisatenNuril says:

      Thanks before. But i dont always follow the rule to be honest ???? i think about my own achievments. I become a president of a club in young age. But i have a bit problem, my mom is teacher in the same school and she always get mad with me if there is “c” score in report. While every students get it also. And shs start compare me with the other student just because score. The funny thing is my mom compare me with good score that they get from cheating ????

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