Since the Start of the industrial era, we witnessed plenty of incidents that impacted our environment negatively and endangered our existence on this fine planet , we may even say that we got ourselves one step closer to declaring our extinction. Among these incidents i can state , The fuckushima nuclear disaster in Japan (March 2011) and it was regarded as the worst nuclear incident since Chernobyl, Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill : took place in the gulf of mexico in April 2010 and it contaminated the gulf with Oil .Now you’ve got to ask yourselves one simple question ; what’s the common point between these two “incidents” ? It’s that neither of them happened by chance , they’re just the result of the increasing desire of corporations to gain more financial gain which removed their interest in deploying CSR measures , and it means corporations social responsibilities toward environmental and social concerns.
* Why to Use CSR ?
Nowdays companies are only looking to gain profits and actually following CSr measures can help in that. Simply according to a study held by Reputation institute showed that the top companies that literally run the world are the top companies in the matter of CSr deployment and i can state Microsoft and google companies .
* How to use CSR to protect the environment ?
1- companies should start their own recycling Factories to recycle their defected products like Batteries , Plastic…
2- Donation a percentage of the gain to Non profit organizations that works to make people aware of the environmental concerns.
3- Start using non polluting energy sources like water, wind, sun…
Maybe companies can change their ways to make profits and look to a bigger picture where we can live in world with no pollution , and Maybe not….

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A Tunisian Student who wants to change the world in every way he can and though about starting from Good wall app.

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