Today’s lifestyle! everyone is so much busy. In this fast era of developing technologies, Carrier building, setups etc. We are so busy. Why we should listen anyone? We have to complete our own work just ignore all the other things and focus on your own achievements. These were the things present in the mind of us. In this hard competition we have forgotten something which will give its hazardous impacts in the coming years. We can do many things like debate, seminars, talking about “save the environment” but had we made any practical thing? Yiu may say that “ignore it” or “no”. We can speak for hours on save the environment but can we work for even 2 minutes to do so? Could yoy even wait for 2 mins for the green light traffic signal and off your vehicle? If you do so then in absolute terms yiu are contributing in environment saving. By doing these small things you are contributing a big share. Then why to ignore?

Changes according to me means developing our minds and thoughts. We need a change. Now we know the problems, we have to find


the solution to overcome.

sitting stupidly and waiting for someone to bring the change is the work of an uncultured animal. If you’re hungry then your mother will not eat behalf of you, you have to eat to satisfy your hunger. Similarly if you want to save the environment you have to take the first step.

When we talk about ‘measures’ it seems to be a broad word. Individual measures are also important particularly to a citizen. We can start from small steps like keeping premises clean. Very important measure involves- afforestation around industries, use of chimney etc. Chemical industries should be constructed away from the urban and rural living regions where trees are cared and protected.

Optimum utilisation today is the most common economic problem. It’s fact that resources are scarce and exhausting but it doesn’t mean we can’t do anything. Still we should try to get out of this problem. 

Produce solar energy. In the tropical areas solar energy can be produced instead of wasting precious conventional resources such as coal, petrol, etc. Use of solar panels, sol ar cells, etc. Can be applied all over the world.

Environment should be kept clean survey should be conducted to realise the importance of cleanliness in the whole world.

Earth_”leave a place alone for me” urbanization and rapid growth has not even left a sqft.  There is no place in the world where we have not reached. Nature in the hands of human, is same as poison in hands of mad. If you’re playing with nature then soon it will give you a lesson.

We can say that our goals should be in a limit that they don’t harm the environment. Conclusions can be drawn easily but more important is to think deeply and maturely not that who will save the environment instead think how to.



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