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• Sustainable Development for Gender Equality; by Christine Kanini Masibo.

The Sustainable Development Goals Fund (SDG Fund)is an international multi-donor and multi-agency development mechanism established in 2014 by the United Nations Development Programme to continuously work across the UN system. Its aim is to ensure abolition of poverty in states over the world raising the standard of living to above the average through development projects for all sectors of a country’s economy.. Increase of employment opportunities amongst third world countries development goals and achievements. Gender equity and equality is the sustenance of people’s behaviors and ideas created on earth with their special skills and intellectual brain with the freedom capacity to dominate and invent being given an equal description by science , human and other religious descriptions or as male and female or man and woman. Resonantly, it brings about an existence of a spectrum of abundant dimensional views on physiological myths and beliefs pertaining to gender and gender equality and equity used in describing the world even as it is today. The general tendency that may be against gender equality and equity being the issue to disvalue or undervalue women in general affairs and in their participation in social gatherings, resulting in their needs and interests being ignored or overlooked.

Millenium Development Goals agenda that was first articulated at the 2012 Rio+20 conference, that has outlined major development goals are being achieved, recorded and combined universally. Their major aim is to work to achieve all the goals by the year 2030. The agenda in 2015 for Sustainable Development Goals entitled: ‘The future we want’ is well structured to allow for rapid expansion for the support of the analysis of other country specific development issues beyond the SDG’s. They give business scenarios and policy design to support scenario exploration. By 2030 it has plans to ensure there is enough, equal access to all women and men of affordable and quality technical, vocational and tertiary training including higher education. By bringing together the three dimension of sustainable development into one framework the SDG model enables policy makers to and planning officials at all levels of governance to understand the interconnectedness of policies designed alongside SDG’s . They have outlined major advancements in developments in many of the broadly defined sectors of the economy. As a universal agenda with a central role to play they must achieve and establish an inclusive and effective multilateral togetherness to better address global challenges of sustainable development under the various topics outlined within while this paper will focus on gender equity and equality.

The agenda desires for there to be gender equity and equality and surety for the abundance through which there will be improvement of the lives of women and girls. That they all become empowered by the year 2030. The UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon has urged it on and asked for it to be on the to do list for the people of the planet. Sustainable goals should be global in nature and universally applicable to all countries while taking into account different national realities, capacities and levels of development while respecting national policies and priorities. The proper integration of SDG policies in industries and developmental companies will make the difference between the major supplier or the major player to control the worldwide arena. The improvent in the economy of a country with 100% supprot from only structural fulfillments of the millenium goals. Funds for projects that are implementing these millenium goals are organized and many projects have been funded since 2015. Through ambitious and far reaching funded projects these SDG’s have ensured inclusive and equitable quality education assured gender equity and have promoted lifelong learning opportunities for all. 

The organization Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is a universal business society for company owners and market sellers, who create and present projects to each other that CSR Match, another branch of the same company, will match up and connects for project funds, offering suggestions on how to work more effectively with one another at the national level and provide strategic support to achieve better development results. In coordination with the private sector SGD has formed partnerships with a company known as Private Sector Advisory Group (PSAG).The PSAG bi annual meeting brings together companies together to collaborate and discuss on practical solutions pertaining to the common challenges of contemporary sustainability. Day to day PSAG members work closely at the national level to provide strategic support to achieve better development results in coordination with the private sector. Jointly they simulate their likely impacts and asses their combined emerging effects. SDG model is especially useful for both in the early stages of policy design to support researching of scenarios and analysis of relevant alternative scenarios.

The three dimension compilation of sustainable development into one, twenty years later on, the Rio+20 outcome documents has recorded victories and celebration stories of advancement. In Pakistan, women projects for health and nutrition have been increasingly funded. New equipment and hospitals have been opened with new products and services being made available to them. In this region and others in Africa gender equality and other related projects such as the education agenda 2030 framework for action and sensitization for the need of a good education, have been sponsored to begin operating and continuously maintained till the duration of time registered is over. The never ending wish has been achieved that for years was being demonstrated for; the educating of the girl child, otherwise referred to as education for the girl child, has recorded overcoming major milestones. Moving from the practices of female circumcision to allowing girls to access higher education with support from their traditional families. Basic literacy skills have improved tremendously.

One new agenda of these implementations is to bring about quality early childhood development care and pre primary education that has not been in existence to help young mothers and the babies to be able to transition easily through to primary school. The public are also encouraged to be creative in suggesting and voting on new projects. The SDG model is proven to be well constructed and has been vetted, validated and time tested. Its gender equality goals aim at providing equal access to vocational training and universal access to a quality higher education to eliminate gender and wealth disparities. All programs within it are facilitated to co-design, co-implement and co-finance development and on average they bring together on 3 UN agencies per every programme. Corporate Social Responsibility organization has contributed majorly to the society through joining together donor structures public ideas presented of workable projects working to fulfill the stated SDG goals both of a social impact for newly introduced programs and allow for development of old ideas to be universally improved and achieved.

Currently, operating in 23 countries are SDG funded and that are directly improving the lives of more than 1.4 million people. Major progress has been made in increasing access to inclusive and quality education for all at all levels especially for girls. Enrollment rates of new students in schools that has been recorded in the past years was indicating a higher enrollment rate of girls especially in rural areas. The world has achieved equality in primary education between girls and boys but not all countries have achieved the set target at all levels of education. Enrollment has reached 91% in Sub -Saharan Africa in 2015 from 52% in 1990.

In conclusion for all education reaffirms the beliefs that gender equity and equality is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles for sustainable development. Projects are now beginning to focus on better aligning the public and the private partnerships. More often than not, many at time, women and girls still are not given the sufficient recognition that they do always deserve, even though women play an important if not vital role in the production processes of food and in the ultimate generating means of income and livelihood allowing them to fend for themselves and their families. This key role that women play as producers and as mothers should be recognized according to the gender goals described for sustainability. Policies on development should be implemented especially those goals that deal with health and nutrition for women and their young babies, rural development and changing of towns and villages to urban and developed centers, the eager promotion of agrarian families for alleviation from poverty and increased employment opportunities. The SDG fund builds on the experience, knowledge, lessons learned and best practices of the Millenium goals experienced while also still expanding its activities towards sustainable development and a stronger focus on public-private partnerships. Yet bolder efforts are required so as to make greater strides towards achieving universal gender equity and equality goals.


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