“peace”..”justice”..”equity”..words you might hear and know.But,hear them only in a science fiction movie or superheroes films like “the dark knight”.Anyway,Have you ever thought about these words?!Do you think “peace” and “justice” are really present in this world?! Are you convinced that “Our Earth” is such a fabulous great wonderful planet?!

    The ugly truth.

        If your answer is “YES”.I am really disappointed to tell you that it’s not the truth.There is an ugly truth beyond this beauty.My friend,let’s go over a short trip to show you another face of the world which you might never have heard about before!In addition,I’m sure you won’t be remoserful at last.Even, to know what is happening around you.

A short trip.

        Let’s start!Firstly, you might ask what is the picture above the essay you are reading now?Is it from a dramatic series?!or a gloomy and emotional french movie?! oh,let,me guess!It’s an american action film?right?Don’t you see the mess and wreck behind?! Ok,let me take a final estimation…It’s a bleak novel or story?! The answer is No,None of the above

First shock.

        It’s “SYRIA”!!that country that lies on the mediterranean sea!Yes,that arabian muslim country.let me have the opportunity to correct a misconception especially to those who freak out when they hear the word “Islam”.It’s kinda known as “Islamophobia”.Islam is the religion of peace,justice,human rights, the real meaning of peace and forgiven is given in the Holy Quran.

     Conclusive evidence.

       I just want to ask you what would be your response or reaction.If a group of people beat,insult and blasphemed you?!OK, you’re alone you can’t do so much as you’re not superman or the dark knight as we mentioned before..But,what if you have an army?! A strong great army and you have the power and choice to kill and eradicate anyone who has offended you! I’m sure you wouldn’t hesitate to do so…

     Our prophet”Muhammad” and a great evidence for forgiven.

      But, our prophet “Mohamed” didn’t do that…! He gave us the most inspiring example of “peace” and “Tolerance”..When,he entered”Makkah” with his great army and when he met the people who hurt him..and saw the fear in their eyes he forgive giving all the beautiful meanings in the world for love and good manners..

    Back to”Syria”.

     By the way,let’s get back to “Syria” after a real conclusive evidence and recognition that all kinds of “terrorism” and terrorist groups like “ISIS” don’t belong to “ISLAM” in any form..It’s just a tool manufactured to split the arabian world..!On the other hand, I’m sure that many people haven’t ever heard or saw what is happening in “Syria”.         “Syria” turned from a stunning,charming country into a few pieces of rocks here and there..! You can just see and enjoy the view of Havoc and ruin of a marvellous city..!Why?!          what happened and why?! I challenge anyone who can tell me who fight whom in “Syria”..?! Who is the beneficiary of that?! NOT just “Syria”!! “IRAQ”,”PALESTINE”,”YEMEN”,…etc..

   consequences of war.

     Many of these countries lacks the meaning of “peace”,”education”,”healthy life”..etc.I am convinced that everyone,every human should have the chance and the opportunity to learn,work,enjoy a good pure life because that’s the life.I don’t mean to have a perfect life without problems but at least have the chance to live a life with all it’s good and bad times.. 

       A sensitive aqqusation.                           

    Where is “Human rights watch” role?! Are politicians and united nations and all the world so busy to work on something like Blockade of  Aleppo”?! people are dying there from hunger and poverty,even they don’t have clean water to drink?! and world is watching and waiting for the announcing of the golden globe winners or the new album of the chainsmokers?! Is this the humanity?In my opinion,I think world is infected with coma and have no consciousness to care for these disasters..                 

Steps to humanity.

    “Drastic times call for drastic measures.”I mean all the world should wake up,make real steps and take practical effective procedures to end the war in”Syria”.                                 On the other hand,some people or let’s speak directly and avoid beating around the bush.Actually, some governments of superpower countries which should be the conservatives of peace and justice in the world just pretend that in front of media only..But,The truth is the opposite..they just want to see the world burn..I guess they might have a benefit of that?! Maybe!!In contrast,It’s wise to promote justice and peace..


     I don’t know what can a teenager boy to help! I know that “Actions speak louder than words.”But,I don’t have anything except my pen now to describe how much i feel frustrated,disappointed and depressed..In addition,To know that there’s no real discussion or steps had been taken to achieve a practical solution.Every time we get back to the drawing board!!I am really at my wit’s end..

  Your guess is as good as mine

     I don’t have any practical answer to how to promote peace and stop these devastating conflicts even if i have i don’t think that any organization would take it into consideration.Although,I firmly believe that one way to stop this fight and war is to get a real peaceful discussion between the two conflicting sides but not under auspices of foreign countries especially those who pretend to be the promoter of peace in world in front of the media..it would be better if it was under the tutorship of “Egypt”,”saudi arabia” and other arabian countries which really want the peace and development of “syria”to achieve a peaceful solution satisfies every side.

  Time to end this war!

    To my way of thinking,I am convinced that It’s time to wrap up this war.Start a new begining,Give attentions to construct and build new schools,industries,accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.It may also be necessary to ensure a healthy pure life to those who suffered a great pain in forms of :

  • death of relatives,mother or father,friends during these damned fights.
  • Immigration and asylum,just seeing your town where you born and lived turned to mess and destruction is a great pain.
  • poverty and hunger.
  • Bad health because of using chemical weapons in wars.

  A poignant video

      One day i was browsing social media suddenly i saw a video from “Syria”.It was a kid -four years old- maybe a man lifting him .The boy was shouting “Dad,Dad..” while he was crying with great pain.The man told him “Your dad didn’t die..your dad didn’t die”.The kid said “Take me to him.”while he was still crying.Then the man asked “where is your dad?! don’t be afraid”.The boy pointed towards a dilapidated building . The guy said in sorrow with tears were about to fell “there?! No your dad’s now in heaven ,dear”.That’s the link to the video on my twitter profile:   https://twitter.com/Elmarshal100/status/820590745589612544         

NOTE: I’m not 100% sure if the video was real or maybe a part of a movie but even it was like that..It is describing real facts about what is happening in “Syria”.

   A HOPE..!

Today,It’s 15th of january 2017 .It’s about five years and the circumstances in “Syria” still painful and catastrophic.Unfortunately,I have nothing to do except praying for “Syria” and It’s nation..wishing the heaven for it’s martyrs.Moreover,Hoping for peace and forgiven to prevail the world.                                   “Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think,not wonder,not imagine,not obsess,just breathe,and have faith that everything will work out for the best.”  

leave you to listen to a fabulous song for Sami Yusuf about forgiven and islam: https://youtu.be/ZE84QwZpho4 


Mahmoud Ahmed.


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  1. Salma says:

    Syria still painful… God bless your nationality

  2. Deacon says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me-it’s so trnnaparestly clear now!

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