Hello Friends,

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

                                                                                                  -Albert Einstein

As we all know,in the current time people can’t imagine their life without technology.But today we will discuss about the need of technology for this world ?Why technology has been proven mutation to this world?How we can introduce various latest technologies to make our life more comfortable?

We are surrounded by various  technologies which are helpful to live our life with more luxury.technology empowers an individual to create something innovative which can pay off to society.It can be by the use of various tools,machines ,hydraulics etc.According to a research,technology is the most enhanced weapon by which a nation can develop.It has been proven asset in every sector of industry.Technology had solved most of our issues like unemployment,lethargy etc which has been added as a huge contribution in the gross development of nation.But what is the way to present our products in a huge crowd.

At this stage,market comes as a saviour to the technology.Market is that place where a crowd of brilliant minds present their innovative products and compete with each other.It helps to boost their confidence so that they can elucidate the problem and how they can solve that their problem efficiently.Entrepreneurs are the  those enthusiastic individuals who had their goal to start a revolution by their product.Splendid personalities like Steve Jobs,Mark Juckerberg,Larry Page had not much resources,in fact they had just 2/2 room in which all stuff had kept but due to their faith in technology they are remembered as eminent personalities in this world.

So all we need is a tech-market(technology+market ) where anyone can create his/her idea and can present it confidentally in presence of a huge crowd.This stuff can be achieved by inculcating many qualities like leadership,harmony,entrepreneurship etc.But at the same time we have to take precautions about the ill effects of technology.Parents must keep a watch on their children  about the stuff on which they are  spending their precious time.They must guide their children from a preliminary stage to activate a right path for the journey.They must motivate their children in the field of interest so that any stage of life children can field confident to share the problems and difficulties on the path because these kids only are the future of a developed nation.

At last,I will conclude by this famous saying;

” Our technology,our machines is a part of humanity.We created them to extend ourselves,and that is what is unique about ourselves.”

                                                               THANK YOU 

                                                                                                                          -Abhishek Agrawal 

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