Gender inequality is still a current social issue, belive or not. To receiving critism on social media to being held at gun point for wanting to receive education, billions of girls have faced gender inequality, some worse than others. But what if we treated women the same way as we treat men?
  If women were treated equal, the number of female students dropouts due to early marriages, early pregnances and not getting the financial support, would decrease. Other than that, children with educated mothers are twice as likely go to school and 50% of these children are more likely to survive past the age of 5 so it is actually benefical that girls get their, at least basic, education.
  Futhermore, a woman’s earning will be 10% – 20% higher for every year of school completed which proves that we should give the financial support that they need to go school so they can be financial stable in the future.
   Other social issues such as poverty can be solved if all students including women were acquired basic reading skills and some other countries lose more than a billion dollars a year just by not educating girls the same level as boys.
    But it would be ignorant of me to not talk about the progress that has been made these past decades such as the increase of woman’s educate all around the world has prevented more than 4 millions child deaths but still 31 millions girls are still not in school.
    These are some of the few examples why we should spend time, energy and money to give girls the education that boys have and it’s our job to make that change. It’s time to stop forcing girls to get married at an early age or pulling girls out of school because all of the time,effort and money spent will nothing compared to the lives she will touch with her stories to many other young girls who lack of motivation and need a little bit of hope to be given to them.

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